Dr. Rima Replies to a Warning from the State

To: Shelly Wang Bandago and NYD Department of Health
Board for Professional Medical Conduct Advisory on COVID Virus Misinformation

I am in receipt of your document styled

Type: High Advisory
Description of High Advisory:
Board for Professional Medical Conduct Advisory on COVID Virus Misinformation
Source Organization: NYSDOH
Authorizing Person: Shelly Wang Bandago
Sender’s Jurisdiction: State
Notification ID: 107238
Date of High Advisory: 09/30/2021

With this letter I acknowledge your High Advisory Notification ID 107238 pointing out the responsibility of each and every practitioner to share the latest real data regardless of the political or medical dogma which those with an agenda other than the best health of the patients they serve and the public at large would attempt to force them to pursue.

The emerging information from the US and elsewhere, including a significant amount of peer reviewed documentation, makes it clear that sanguine assessments about the “safety and efficacy” of the patented gene therapies being presented as “vaccines”, presenting them as uniformly “safe and effective” are not based on clinical data, nor are they derived from unbiased science. The use of these injected gene therapies in preventing infection is no longer supported by the data.  Their ability to prevent transmission, never part of their design, but widely and incorrectly touted as an impact of their use is not supported by data and, indeed, their use has been shown to lead to 250+-fold enhancement in viral load in the inoculated, making them enhanced sources of infection.

The phenomenon of “Breakthrough Cases”, well documented by official and authoritative sources all over the world, brings the “safe and effective” narrative into further disrepute, as does the well-documented profile of the enhancement of serious-to-lethal adverse events following inoculation among those with acquired natural immunity and other medical and genetic characteristics supported by the rapidly emerging literature and statistics available from international and national authoritative sources.

The emergingly strong data showing the clear inadvisability of inoculation for those with a variety of genetic and medical conditions, along with the high level of serious-to-cataclysmic adverse vaccine-related events (as documented by the CMS database as well as VAERS) makes it abundantly clear to me that, consistent with the guidance in your High Advisory NO. 107238, we Physicians and Physicians Assistants, to whom your document is addressed, have a clear and immediate ethical responsibility to provide accurate information on the known risks as well as any benefits conferred, associated with the use of the gene therapy biologicals.

This is especially true when dealing with Emergency Use Authorized inoculations, tests and masks.  The ethical (and legal) rule for recommending such interventions is the physician or physician assistant must tell the patient that the intervention is “optional.”


I agree fully that

“The continuous update of scientifically validated information allows for responsible decision making and sound advice to the patient population. Further scientific research and education could support the efforts to address the spread of the virus and emerging variants. As new information becomes available, physicians and physician assistants are advised to review the updated scientific evidence and make adjustments as appropriate to allow us to continue to make headway in public health protection.”

It is in that spirit, in complete keeping with the duty that you articulate that we professionals have to assess data and inform the public of our best assessment of generalized and personalized risk/benefit assessment, that I will continue to share the most accurate and up-to date clinical experience and data-driven information that I have access to on this topic, whether that data is favorable to, or not favorable to, the use of these biologicals or other measures.

Regardless of the prevailing dogmas and popularity of any idea, if the data supports the information being shared, then it is information, not misinformation  This is true regardless of whether it represents a majority view.

Thus, the oft-repeated statement that the gene therapy biologicals focused on COVID-19 are uniformly “safe and effective” is, in itself, profound misinformation. Reliable data from all over the world confounds that idea as it similarly confounds the notion that natural immunity is inferior to injection-acquired immunity in protecting individuals and populations, or that the PCR diagnostic testing (which has lost its EUA but is being continued in use until December 31, 2021) establishes accurate case data.The information that makes it clear these assertions are not information, but that they are, in fact, misinformation, comes directly from WHO, FDA and CDC, authoritative bodies whose information corroborates the lack of utility of this test regimen. Sharing this lack of reliability is, therefore, information, not misinformation while sharing the willingness to rely on these unfounded PCR-based assertions and statistically inaccurate and meaningless data as if they were valid and statistically meaningful is, in itself, misinformation.

Medical decisions must remain personal and are properly informed by the doctrines of the Learned Intermediary and Informed Consent, not by blanket mandates or censorship attempts serving anything but a free and full examination of risks, benefits, options and exceptions to generalizations in the best interests of the patient, not the best interest of any other agency or entity.

Again, I thank you for pointing out to the Physician and Physician Assistant communities licensed by New York State how important scientific and medical honesty and rigor is in carrying out our duties to the people and communities we are honored to be licensed to serve.

We must never forget that the first rule of humane medicine is “Do no harm.”

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
Telegram: https://t.me/opensourcetruth


On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 10:19 AM NYSDOH HEALTH NOTIFICATION <notify01@health.ny.gov> wrote:

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Type: High Advisory
Description of High Advisory: Board for Professional Medical Conduct Advisory on COVID Virus Misinformation
Source Organization: NYSDOH
Authorizing Person: Shelly Wang Bandago
Sender’s Jurisdiction: State
Notification ID: 107238
Date of High Advisory: 09/30/2021

HCS posting of statement from the Board for Professional Medical Conduct containing an Advisory on COVID Virus Misinformation for September 2021.Recipients:

All Physicians
Nursing Homes


For questions: Please send an e-mail to opmc@health.ny.gov, as notify01 is a non-monitored mailbox.

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15 thoughts on “Dr. Rima Replies to a Warning from the State

  1. I absolutely love this response. It is accurate and meaningful as well as well versed and authentic. I can hear your voice saying the words as I read them. Very powerful message.

    With much love and appreciation,

  2. Great post, thank you Dr. Rima. One of the headlines on Friday October the 1st in the USA Today posted that America was boarding on 700,000 Covid-19 deaths. Now if… the FAKE news media had not belittled and slapped down President Trump nearly two years ago when he introduced Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as solutions for the covid virus and these two solutions had not been suppressed by BIG pharma, thee the covid death total in America today would be ZERO rather than 700,000.

    1. It is my opinion that more than half of the 700.000 is from the death shots! Not the so-called covid, [CERTIFICATE OF VAX. ID]

  3. wonderful response dr rima, as well-worded as it is. the world has gone topsy-turvy, it appears tech and pharma have taken over in a self-styled ‘bloodless coup’, using a strategy to divide the populace along political and ideological lines, all the while claiming that it’s the ‘science’ we are divided on. veey thankful to you and all the brave folks in positions of responsibility that are fighting back against , as one brave and brainy lass i read calls it, the machine . peace and many blessings. jj from nj

  4. Thank you Dr Rima for standing for the truth
    The information you have provided is always so well researched & invaluable.
    I sit here today remembering the moment that my family first saw you appear on a documentary in 2011 (UK)
    My sister telephoned me & told me to watch the repeat episode – I did so & from that moment we
    realised that the plan for the human race was horrifying.
    Here we are in 2021 & now experiencing everything that you spoke about.
    Our whole family would like to say thank you to you for speaking out & for the wonderful work you
    have accomplished,
    yours sincerely,
    Susan Davies

  5. It’s long past time to hold to account the INDIVIDUALS via civil and criminal lawsuits as it not the Agency making these life and liberty threatening decisions under the color of law. Not only are these decisions in violation of USC 18, and Civil Rights violations under our Constitution, they represent RICO statutes violations. Every person and entity, from big pharma, to government officials, including the President of the United States, WHO (who have CLEARLY and repeatedly their mandate to murder billions for a misguided save the planet narrative) The CDC, NIH, and all entities of a corporate stench, every health official, governor, mayor, City Council are criminally and civilly complicit. It is we, who know who must file these suits who must present the facts about this globall conspiracy of genocide and we can wait no longer to do it. Wherever you are, research and call an attorney and get started. This letter is good fodder for your cannons and yes, this is war!!!

    1. There are a number of lawsuits that have been and are being filed against individuals and entities for several aspects of the events of 2020 and 2021 referred to as the ‘pandemic’- below.

      What can WE each do? Besides donating to good attorneys and organizations standing up for us all- use the links below to find solid info backed with references to educate those around you. Americas Frontline Doctors, among others linked here, has some good notices and letter templates to inform your employer, local schools, and other entities that requiring a Covid shot is illegal, and that they could be held liable for any har, injury, death, possibly loss of income, etc.

      Also that masks to prevent infection by or spread of viruses is EUA only and NOT proven to do so. In fact, they are proven to cause harm. (Anti-)’social distancing’ is also unproven to prevent the spread of viruses, btw.

      Check out these links and dig around. Arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE, and some printouts of the info below, and available on this site – and remember… we must be patient with those fooled.

      renz-law.com has a lot of good info, links to other organizations, and other suits. Dig around there!
      A few higlights linked below-
      This legal document contains an outline that is excellent for informing people who have been fooled by the mass
      media, with many references in the endnotes. Note that prior to filing in court, an attorney has the duty
      to conduct due diligence and verify as far as possible the facts of a casre.




      Additional facts:

      This page has more info and links to suits being filed (below).

      Ohio Stands Up, https://healthfreedomdefense.org/
      are two more organizations standing for our rights.

      Resources to help you stand for your rights, the rights of your family members, friends, and community:




      See also the movie ‘Noncompliant’ for more info on what our rights are under the U.S. Constitution,
      and where the rightful power lies in the federation we call the United States of America.

      Note: The Houston Methodist Hospital case was poorly argued by thee attorney, and the judge made a number of errors in his written decision. Please make sure that the cases you choose to support are being done properly.

  6. Thank you Doctor Rima for this well written informative response and for standing on the truth for humanity. We appreciate all your help and support. It is really astonishing and sad how some of our world leaders, main stream media, local officials and medical professionals would allow this tragedy to happen. You, your team and others like you are the leaders that are fighting to save humanity, for this we are truly grateful 🙏 oh I am not forgetting the General who is who is still looking out for you. Much Love!

  7. I admit I have been a skeptic to much of the material I have received about the dangers of these vaccinations. Most of the documents against vaccination triggered emotions and were not very factual. Dr. Rima has presented the topic in a clear and persuasive matter.
    I totally agree with her and only wish I could have sent this to all my friends and family who have been frightened into getting the vaccine and are felling safe now that they have been vaccinated .

  8. Dr. Rima,

    It’s me, one your former (years ago) patients. As you know, I was impressed with your knowledge & integrity & your fight for truth and for health-freedom, from the start — and your online response to this agency person again reinforces my initial impression.

    Your letter — which I suspect may cause mental conniptions in that agency person — is, IMO, excellent: It is thoughtful, and it lays out the facts — and the sources of those facts — and uses a CORRECT reading of the “charges” as a RESPONSE, and conveys the REAL principles that an HONEST medical professional SHOULD AND MUST follow.

    Plus, you handled your response in such a way as to always be courteous and respectful, which IMO, and depending upon the circumstance, is admirable and is the only way to be: rather than incite in the recipient an immediate opposition to the response, it has the potential to convert the most committed “enemy” over to your point of view, or to at least have them consider that your assertions may be correct.

    Unfortunately, the “other side” in this general COVID-debate — the current occupant of a certain District of Columbia house is IMO a good example — seems to have the attitude that “If anyone objects, BROWBEAT AND THREATEN THEM INTO SUBMISSION”.

    Such an attitude is sometimes hard to oppose with just reasonable words, particularly when the “other side” is KNOWINGLY trying to demise you. But the far-reaching power of words, especially in the service of TRUTH AND JUSTICE, should not be underestimated.

    IMO: Whatever the case, We, The Pe/0ple (sic), have to STAND UP AND FIGHT TO PROTECT (AND TO REBUILD) OUR FREEDOMS against that monstrous, global, threat. That’s why, in one of several ways, your reply to the agency person is ALSO important. In fact, her “High Advice” to you — as well as nearly every push that what I would call “the Dark Side” makes — can be CONVERTED into an OPPORTUNITY TO REGAIN (AND GAIN) JUSTICE AND FREEDOM — and that’s what your letter to her has done.

    I would also suggest that EVERYBODY who desires FREEDOM — not only HEALTH FREEDOM but also FREEDOM IN GENERAL — should EVERY DAY DO THEIR PART. Because, as I read what’s being said, LITTLE TIME IS LEFT BEFORE THE TRAP SLAMS SHUT.

  9. Shelly Wang Bandago is a nasty vile human being. I worked for the NYS DOH OPMC and everyone should know these people are dim witts who are 10’s of 1000’s of cases backlogged and these case go back well over 5 years.. OPMC under Wang’s leadership is all about covering up and hiding the truth and pushing their bogus agenda.

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