Dr. Rima Replies to Israel COVID Vaxx Tyranny


Opinion by Dr. Rima Laibow, posted at the Times of Israel [1]

The Israeli Government, forgetting the lessons of World War II and the Nuremberg Code, threatens vaccine refusers for asserting their rights. I posted this reply to the Times of Israel.

This policy makes absolutely no sense. If the “vaccines” (which are not legally or medically actually vaccines at all, despite the name) protect against developing COVID, then the unvaccinated put only themselves at risk. If it does not protect against the disease (and there is absolutely no evidence that it does so, since “effectiveness” has been defined as lowering the number of postiive tests, using totally meaningless testing), then what is the point of the “vaccine”?

If it protects against transmission, then the unvaccinated are not a threat but there is absolutely no evidence that it does so.

If it protects against the development of severe symptoms, then the unvaccinated are no threat, but there is, as above, absolutely no evidence that it does that, either.

But it does introduce dangerous, experimental changes into every cell in the body in a vast and unannounced experiment in direct violation of the right of every human to exercise informed consent consistent with the Geneva Convention and other treaties and accords that the State of Israel has ratified and thus promised its people to abide by.

Have the people of Israel been told that these totally experimental “vaccines” do not protect them, but do provide research data for which they are not compensated, but the State of Israel is? And have they been given their legally protected right to opt out without prejudice, punishment or pressure? I think not.

Shame on the decision makers who treasure the good will and big bucks of Big Pharma far more than the welfare of their people.

More detailed info at www.opensourcetruth.com

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

[1]  https://www.timesofisrael.com/government-plans-to-punish-businesses-that-serve-unvaccinated-customers-report/



13 thoughts on “Dr. Rima Replies to Israel COVID Vaxx Tyranny

  1. Thank you. Does anyone listen to the FACTS or are they all in cahoots with each other? Have they ‘NO FEAR OF ELOHIM’. They will ALL give an account for ‘the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT’. There will be ‘A DAY FOR THE JUDGEMENT’ of ALL MANKIND..

    1. Morgellons was a precursor of this. I got morgellons in 2017 from ruptured airbag in car accident. 2016 Toyota. Found out from group on Facebook others had strange irritation in skin. It’s Graphene. Graphene is used in cell phone batteries. A discovery by Jennifer Doudna. A smart guy taught me all he knows about Graphene and how he was treating himself with it.
      He says he got it from vaccines in 2012 with his surgery needed for broken leg accident. Doudna was a researcher at university of California in Berkeley in technology CRSPR. She got solemn when she realized what they discovered.

      1. You were early with this information. Since then, as you probably know, this have been extensively discussed with honest doctors in the alternative media.

  2. i am in Israel and it is getting worse by the day to people who do not wish to be vaccinated and i am not talking about the signs in front of chain stores that you are not allowed to enter if you are not vaccinated as the chain store “hamashbir latzarchan” or dealing with crazy people at the store, all this state is brained washed, it was created like this since start to comply, to give their sons to die in vain at wars and much more, today the government decided that all the medical institutions have to report who is not vaccinated. i am on unemployment due covid, we are being harrassed by SMS constantly by propaganda about how lazy we are and pressed to take the vaccine. i think that today the CEO of pfizer is supposed to get here according to yesterday news. did he took the vaccine already? he said a few months ago that he did not. i am concerned soon i will not be able to find a job if i refuse to be vaccinated, next months we have elections again and bibi will win again, i just really wish there was a divine intervansion at this stage 🙂 but aren’t “we” the divine intervention?

    1. God says to hold out for our salvation is soon. This proves why they wanted to use Jews since end of WW. Now to see Israel travel requires vax. God is with us praying in Bible on knees as King David in psalms. margadra@hotmail.com

  3. Fear not Devona, have faith, don’t even worry about a JOB, as your life is not worth a job anyway,
    All we really need is food and a good safe and warm place to sleep.
    There is a remnant in Israel who will survive this holocaust of the death shots.
    Please don’t take the death needle. God Bless you and yes he will watch over you, and provide !
    Trust in the Lord God !

  4. If this Covid Injection causes the enhanced immune response that occurred when this technology was tested on lab animals, then could this be the end of the State of Israel?

  5. These JABS ARE POISONOUS & Made to kill off a few BILLION off the face of the earth!!! The “elites” & GLOBALISTS think that they are god & have the right to do this to HUMANITY!!!! Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci are at the helm of ALL OF THIS EVIL & must pay for what they have done!! God help us!! & Our World!!!!

    1. And along with the top scientists of the world who are warning of mass worldwide depopulation, the Mother of Christ did warn at Fatima Portugal in 1917 that after WWII if people did not return to her Son, Jesus, billions would perish.

  6. Is it the case, that Nazi remnants have infiltrated the Israeli leadership to complete the original agenda of reducing the population of Israel by forcefully and rapidly implementing the mandatory vaccination Agenda?

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