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7 thoughts on “Dr Rima Truth Reports Newsletter Sign-Up

  1. Please Dr. Rima, place me on your email articles. I appreciate your work over the years. Codex A. sharing, nutritician, warring to share truth as you are. Foriegn intangelment with NWO agents must be stopped. Keep up the awesome work. Panama people and everyone else is blessed by your making a difference. Dennis M.

  2. Just watched you with Kerry Cassidy on Rumble. I put my two sense in on the house and senate bills. I have been against the UN, WHO and Covid bs for a long time now and have been targeted for speaking out. Thank you for all your insight and hope to be hearing from you more in the future.

  3. I am on board for all of this spreading of the TRUTH and particularly getting out of the UN and all its affiliates sponsered by the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, WEF, etc etc. This Death cult with WHO, United Nations (Rockefellar sponsered built on Rockefeller land),WEF and all their ‘Ilk” are of the Dark, they are the “wicked” and “evil” and they must be removed permanently from our precious planet, this gift from the Source of Light and Love. Though I am in Canada we stand for Goodness as all US and all world patriots stand together. Thank you for your service and dedication to the TRUTH.

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