Dr. Rima on Hanukah 2023

Hanukah Volunteers Needed
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Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Light, is celebrated on Kislev 25 by Jews around the world.

It celebrates freedom of conscience, of religion, of thought. It is especially appropriate for those of us everywhere, from every culture, to join with the Maccabees, who led the rebellion necessary to preserve that freedom 2 millennia ago.

Regardless of your nation or your religion, if you are part of the struggle for freedom from the globalist death machine, I would like to invite freedom lovers and freedom seekers everywhere to become Maccabees.

Maccabee means “hammer”. When the Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who reigned from 175–164 BC, invaded Judea and tried to Hellenize the Jews, requiring pagan worship, Mattathias Maccabee. along with his son Judah, led a 3-year rebellion.

Once they had driven the forces of King Antiochus IV out of Judea, their most important task was to rededicate the Second Temple, which required igniting the Eternal Flame.

Purification of the oil for that most important lamp required 8 days but there was only enough oil for one day. They decided to light the Eternal Flame anyway and the Second Temple was rededicated on Kislev 25, 164 BC.

We are fighting the same battle now. The forces of Antiochus have been replaced by the forces of Schwab and company. Antiochus wanted to Hellenize his subjects. Schwab and company want to transhumanize us. The enslavement is the same although the technology is different.

We, like the Maccabees, ask
“If we are not for ourselves, who will be for us? if not now, when?”
And the truth is that there will be no “when” if we do not succeed now.

That is why I urge you to visit https://preventgenocide2030.org and forcefully, and peacefully, demand that the Congress of the United States pass the Disengage Entirely From the UN Debacle Act (HR 6645 and S 3428 with a super majority so that when the GSPIC (Gibbering Sock Puppet in Charge) in the Oval Office vetoes it, the veto can be overridden.

And if you are Canadian, you can be a Hammer too, sign the Parliamentary Petition Now!  https://preventgenocide2030.org/canada

Then we can rededicate our nations to health and health freedom.

As the Maccabee rebellion provided strength and inspiration for others through the last 2000 years, so this act will provide strength and inspiration for other countries to do the same.

If we are not for ourselves, who will be? If not now, when?

Dr. Rima
Prevent Genocide 2030

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