Dr. Ron Paul just made a new enemy with a cerveza-sickness truth that made the CDC Director furious

The father of the Fire Fauci movement, Dr. Ron Paul, is widely admired for his virtue and unvarnished truth-telling.

That’s always made him an enemy of the Washington, D.C. administrative state and establishment politicians.

And Dr. Ron Paul just made a new enemy with a cerveza-sickness truth that made the CDC Director furious.

Ron Paul has spent his career fighting against the overreach of government in all aspects of life.

As a medical doctor and stalwart of personal liberty, the COVID tyranny forced on Americans has Paul speaking out louder than ever.

But the global elites can’t have that, so their tech overlords got orders to muzzle the former presidential candidate and long-time Texas congressman.

Now Facebook has dropped the hammer on Ron Paul after he shared a video on his page in a post entitled, “Pfizer CEO: From 100% Effective in Preventing COVID to Very Limited Protection, If Any.”

The post linked to a video where Pfizer’s CEO said those exact words.

For violating Facebook’s “misinformation” policies Paul’s Facebook page was hit with a 90-day ban.

What’s more, Facebook hit the post with a warning label saying, “Missing Context, independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.”

Paul took to Twitter blasting Facebook saying, “I shared an interview with the Pfizer CEO saying in his OWN WORDS that two shots offers “very limited protection, if any,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “it was HIS OWN WORDS! What say you @Meta? You call that a ‘fact check’?”

Paul also shared a screenshot of another Facebook post with a video of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky saying 75% of COVID deaths had at least four comorbidities.

It too had the “missing context” label slapped on it by Facebook.

He responded, “And yet again – all at the same time – @Meta ‘fact checkers’ have restricted my page for playing an actual video of CDC Director in her OWN WORDS!”

Big Tech treats the vaccines as a religious totem and anything that questions them even from the mouth of Pfizer CEO is heresy.

A critic of the government’s pandemic response, Ron Paul actually spent his career before congress serving as a doctor which makes Facebook’s censorship even more ridiculous.

This isn’t his first run in with the censors at Facebook.

Almost a year ago, his Facebook page was hit with a 90-day suspension on the grounds of “repeatedly going against our community standards.”

Facebook censor’s never identified the offending post or the rules that had allegedly been broken.

Suspiciously, Dr. Paul’s final post before Facebook shut him down was a link to a column questioning the transparency of Big Tech companies.

Mark Zuckerberg may be desperate to shut down Dr. Paul’s Facebook page down permanently.

But Ron Paul has never backed from speaking out against tyranny and Big Tech censorship certainly won’t hold him back in the fight to get the truth out.

Source:  unmuzzlednews.com/dr-ron-paul-just-made-a-new-enemy-with-a-cerveza-sickness-truth-that-made-the-cdc-director-furious/?utm_source=unmnl&utm_medium=ong&utm_campaign=1438497978

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