5 thoughts on “Dr. Tenpenny Briefs Nurses on the Great Deception

  1. I’d like to know what other researchers and Doctors think about Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and his thinking that people who have taken the covid 19 “vaccine” have destroyed their innate immunity and it will be out competed by this vaccine and they will not be able to fight off other covid type viruses in the future.

  2. I would love to return your emails…my heart is really into this!
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  3. Dear Dr ten penny saw you speak at geoenginering conference in Redding few years ago would like to watch more videos but you are being stoped only one is you brefing nurses I just want more info on COVID killer vax my mom and sister have been jabbed

  4. I tested positive for covid, shortly after vaccines were administered in my Son’s school. My Son and I have not been vaccinated and don’t consent to it, but what you have said in this video is ringing true, in that whilst I had covid, I menstruated, but it was more painful then ever! To the point of almost passing out! I clotted terribly, so terribly, that I almost called an ambulance! I have been very regular but this cycle was 60 days! The clotting was very similar to post birth, but worst, I have never seen clots so big. I guess what my question is… Should I request a screening of my uterus? I’m worried now that my Son may encounter health complications, as you’ve mentioned, due to the transmission. I also worry my fertility is affected!
    Thank you for speaking truth into a dark situation, I’ve been feeling for a while very frustrated with the world events and alone in fellowship, Christians pushing for the vaccine and rebuking the “unvaccinated”. I pray for their souls that God will speak to them but it’s refreshing to hear other Christians not only see it too but are not staying silent! Thank you!

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