EXCLUSIVE: One Courageous Airline Stewardess Resigns Rather than Enforce Passenger Mask Mandates

A stewardess with an airline carrier in the US resigned rather than enforce the mask mandate on her airline.

Here is what Theresa Mullins shared with us about her decision to refuse to enforce barbaric mask mandates on her airline.  Ms. Mullins begins by stating that she quit her excellent flight attendant job because of the passenger mask mandates:

I was a career crew member that flew for the experience.  I loved it.  But then my airline mandated masks for the passengers at the beginning of July 2020.   I had great hope that the mask mandate would be temporary.

In July 2020, I had been on a voluntary leave, at first because of the convenience offered by the company.  I was disappointed and offended for the airline’s mandate that began in July. “I refuse to tell anyone they must wear a mask, and this is not what my company expects of me.” Voluntary leave decreased my income. I wanted to support the company so over the summer, I took the time to paint my house the colors of my airline, and started an online conservative lady’s boutique, www.gentleladyboutique.com to try to earn back what I gave up.

The company wanted me back on January 31st this year. Even with money tight, I struggled with the thought. I can not participate in what I perceive as an oppressive compliance ritual.  That was the thought weighing heavy on my mind as my show time approached.  The day I was due back to work, I paced the house for hours contemplating the best action to take.  Do I contact the Union? I saw pro-mask dialogue in the Union’s newsletters, so what would be the point to contact them? With numerous Covid-19 updates, the Union didn’t seem offended for the passengers at all! I didnt think it would help.

And I continued to stress about it until I made the last minute call on the day I was due back, “I think I quit.”

Afterwards, I notified my immediate supervisor of the resignation, and told her I’d be willing to return once the mask mandates are removed from the passengers. Then I turned in my badge. And on a whim, I made an attempt to notify the union. I was very surprised when the Union responded in a non-biased manner notifying me that I may file a grievance.

I needed to cite a breach in the collective bargaining agreement.  I turned in the grievance citing discrimination of Creed, that it was against my moral creed to enforce an inhuman, tyrannical mandate for the passengers. I explained that I wanted to return when the mandates were removed, and the Union seemingly backed me up.

As I anticipated, my airline rejected the grievance, (ie, we follow the CDC guidelines and she quit) and the appeal that followed. I captured the last couple of paragraphs of the company’s reply to the grievance appeal below.


With this reply, they tried to shame me, and insinuated that I couldn’t be trusted as a flight attendant anymore.  The Union has advised me that they will consider a “hearing,” which involves a 3rd party arbitrator. The arbitrator needs to be paid, the Union may not want to go that far. I expect to hear back from the Union any day with their answer.

I do not know of any other Airline Employee taking a stand against the passenger mask mandates. I hope there are some. Cabin safety and the passenger comfort is what I care about. Mask mandates support neither.  I loved my airline, I miss my job and co-workers so much, but Im currently seeking private fly gigs, and trying to promote my online boutique store. Airlines never want crew members talking to the press. In this case, I must pursue attention to this matter. It’s too important.  It’s for the passengers.

Ms. Mullins is the one flight attendant in the US who had enough courage to stand up to the insane mask mandate.  Please support her boutique here: www.gentleladyboutique.com 

Source:  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/04/exclusive-one-courageous-airline-stewardess-resigns-rather-enforce-passenger-mask-mandates/

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: One Courageous Airline Stewardess Resigns Rather than Enforce Passenger Mask Mandates

  1. Great story!! I applaud Miss Mullins and I’m certain 100’s of thousands of people are with me on that. This is the kind of real life story that people want and need to hear right now. She is a role model. Good for you Theresa Mullins for honouring your heart and spirit in yourself and others.


  2. Bless her heart. I wish there was some way I could help her. I listened to Dave Hodges interview a flight attendant on one of his programs and she sounded a lot like this lady. I will provide a link at end. I am outraged about what is happening to this woman and countless others around the world. I am a Bible believing Christian and I know the explosion of chaos, evil and irrationality here and around the world are consistent with the End Times. What these globalist devils are doing with this plandemic is a forcing so many decent hard working and well meaning people into poverty and desperation. I could rant on and on but if there is any way I can help this woman let me know. Here is the interview of Airline Insider the coming covid travel restrictions on Dave Hodges:https://thecommonsenseshow.com

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