One thought on “Exposing Mass Genocide with Dr. Zelenko | Flyover Conservatives

  1. My biggest concern right now is that even while not being ‘vaccinated’ our bodies are ALREADY physiologically modified, alone via geoengineering sprayings! Every normal cell generates ~ 110mV voltage across its INSULATED double lipid layer. All cells are ELECTRICALLY insulated, except for specific channels where nutrients, water, neurotransmitters flow in and out, where connections to neighbor cells exchange information flow at all times. PLEASE, everyone, NOW MEASURE THE VOLTAGE ON YOUR HANDS, skin in different locations on your body! It is WAY more than any of the meridian points can and should ever deliver! We are ALREADY walking batteries, alone due to the nanomaterials sprayed on us over the last ~10 years.
    It is TERRIFYING, to me…

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