Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)

Fauci wants to stick the babies three times with the experimental COVID shots.
Babies have next to ZERO chance of succumbing to the coronavirus. Fauci wants them stuck 3 times anyway.


At what point does this man go to prison for his lies and mass murder on a historic scale?

The New York Post reported:

The White House said Wednesday that the COVID-19 vaccine regime for kids younger than 4 years old will likely be three doses when it’s approved — and vowed to make millions more hard-to-find Pfizer anti-viral pills available in coming months.

Two clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine on children ages 6 months to 2 years old, and ages 2 to 4 are underway, but the older group hasn’t yet met standards, White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said at a press conference.

“Dose and regimen for children 6 months to 24 months worked well, but it turned out the other group from 24 months to 4 years did not yet reach the level of non-inferiority, so the studies are continued,” Fauci said, referencing effectiveness standard comparison to adults.

“It looks like it will be a three-dose regimen. I don’t think we can predict when we will see it [approved],” he said — adding he can’t speak for the Food and Drug Administration.

Source:  www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/fauci-proposes-three-shot-series-babies-6-months-old-children-4-years-old-video/

4 thoughts on “Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old (Video)

  1. Dr Frankenstein Fauci must be stopped! He is a psychopath.
    We have Australia full of political and medical psychopathic tyrants dictators! We are in peril in Australia total corruption and conflicts of interest everywhere and no independent body whatsoever to nail these tyrants dictators.

    Australian dot connection! A massive web of corruption

    Thank you for all you have done for so long, it has always been very much appreciated. All the best to you. Diane

  2. Absolute fraud – Australian government – Cooking the covid books on instructions from the also deeply corrupted World Health Organisation
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics assign codes from the International Classification of Disease 10th Revision to all conditions listed on the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO has issued emergency code U07.1 COVID-19 to be assigned to all mentions of COVID-19 on the death certificate.
    Due to the public health importance of COVID-19, the WHO have directed that the new coronavirus strain be recorded as the underlying cause of death, ie, the disease or condition that initiated the train of morbid events, when it is recorded as having caused or contributed to death.

    Following the guidelines above will assist in the accurate coding of these deaths and the production of robust national mortality statistics.


    COVID Conflict$ of Interest Australia Penny Butler (also watch video)

    Australia – You’re Being Played – Carter Heavy Industries / Conflicts of interest

    Informed Medical Options Party | Main Page. See Australian government Conflicts of interest and Big pharma fraud

    Australian Dot Connections – A massive Web of Corruption

    CDC and WHO Corrupt Financial Entanglements with the Vaccine Industry • Children’s Health Defense

    Why the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION is a corrupt unhealthy organisation

    Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing | Columnists | thedesertreview.com
    Fuellmich and Oehler both describe a series of puppets that the WEF has trained to help carry out these missions under the WEF “Young Global Leader” program, which started in 1993. Such people have gone on to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs. These include some of the key players in this pandemic and vaccination effort:

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates (1993)
    California Governor Gavin Newsom (selected in 2005)
    Pete Buttigieg (selected in 2019, candidate for US President in 2020, US secretary of transportation since 2021)
    Stéphane Bancel (Moderna CEO; selected in 2009)
    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (2009)
    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (2007)
    Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (2002/2005)
    Covid Twitter personality Eric Feigl-Ding (a ‘WEF Global Shaper‘ since 2013)
    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (since 2017, selected in 2014)
    Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt (selected in 2003; former WEF strategy director)
    Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (selected in 2001; former managing director of Reuters)
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a WEF participant but is not a confirmed Young Global Leader
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel (selected in 1993, 12 years before becoming Chancellor)
    Current German Health Minister Jens Spahn and former Health Ministers Philipp Roesler and Daniel Bahr
    EU Commission Presidents Jose Manuel Barroso (2004-2014, selected in 1993) and Jean-Claude Juncker (2014-2019, selected in 1995)
    French President Emanuel Macron (since 2017, selected in 2016),
    Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012, selected in 1993),
    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz
    Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (2014-2016, selected in 2012),
    Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004, selected in 1993)
    Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation

    Victorian Police threaten jail unless rebel news Avi Yemini removes this video

    Watch “Battleground Melbourne Victoria Australia Documentary ‘FRIENDS & FAMILY’ Pre-Release” on YouTube

    Capalaba cafe owner brutalized by Queensland Government Police

    Queensland government police in action.
    This criminal arrested for a vicious crime! Sitting having a cup of coffee.

    We Must Never Forget Victoria’s Two Months of Brutal Medical Tyranny · Caldron Pool
    Melbourne, once known as “the world’s most liveable city”, has developed global notoriety as a place where :-

    Valencia, Spain: Police Officers Announce, “We Are with the People, Not with Corrupt Politicians”don’t support that.”
    Valencia police have proclaimed, ”We promised to protect and serve the people not the corrupt politicians. We feel very proud to be police but real police, not hit men of the government.
    Our association is in direct contact with members of security forces in Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Holland.
    We’re going to join together all of the police of Europe. We’re going to stop this. The security forces and the armed forces are the key to all of this. We have to put ourselves on the side of the people, and turn our backs on the corrupt governments!…”. Continue reading :

    How to pull up the Queensland covid tyranny
    An opinion of the unlawful Covid mandates and why the state cannot enforce any form of penalty.
    By David Walter former Northern Territory Police Prosecutor and Constitutional Analyst

    TREACHERY how socialists stole Australia from the people

    Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media – Global Research

    Pfizer trials: Al l injected mothers lost their unborn babies by Dr Mark Trozzi
    These injections are criminal; period. Help us serve the Cease and Desist Declaration of the World Council for Health, to any and all governments, clinics, hospitals, medical regulatory bodies, doctors, nurses, politicians, or anyone participating in any way in the manufacture, shipping, distribution, promotion, or administration of these injections.

    The FDA and Pfizer are a match made in hell – these corrupt bedfellows laugh at citizens’ rights… Again The FDA takes 108 days to approve the nefarious injection, but demands 55 years to edit and share the documents.

    By Neil Z Miller Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature – ScienceDirect

    Australia” Official Data shows the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of COVID deaths | The Crazz Files

    The work done by Dr Reiner fuellmich The Corona Investigative committee is going well see interview on website https://www.fromrome.info/ see her interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich 7 January 2022 here https://www.fromrome.info/2022/01/07/dr-reiner-fuellmich-on-the-path-ahead-to-nuremberg-2-0/

    And see UK Doctor states covid 19 vaccine program will be stopped soon due health risks but doctors in Australia are threatened to be deregistered by AHPRA (read about AHPRA here) if they act in the absolute best interest of or warn patients. See article below re UK Doctort https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/uk-doctor-covid-19-vaccine-program-will-be-stopped-due-to-health-risks-video/

    AHPRA malfeasant, arrogant, complacent | Medical Error Action Group. By.
    MEAG Medical Error Action Group May 3, 2018

    Australia’s own medical regulator AHPRA — Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. A regulator that can’t even regulate itself.

    The true meaning of malfeasance is AHPRA — corrupt to the core | devious and inept | runs amok with power and self-importance | answerable to no one | operates in clandestine | lying is its modus operandi | run by staff sacked from Health Departments…

    AHPRA has not got a clue what investigation means. Evidence and facts? They don’t worry about that. They manufacture it and stick to it. Woe betide challenging it.

    Just take a look at the AHPRA state and territory branches and who they are run by. Yes, the old heads of state medical boards. They just slithered into positions with the new national medical board for further self-aggrandizement and same old misinformation and obfuscation aka cover-ups continue. A medical mafia.

    The old saying: Fish rots from the head down. AHPRA CEO is ex-FED Department of Health and ex-NHS. This is why AHPRA is as it is. Would not have a clue what safety and quality is for there is no safety and there is no quality when it comes to AHPRA.


    Australian prime Minister Scott Morrison’s brother:-
    So let’s now look at some connections from Canberra. The Prime Minister is Scott Morrison, who is protected in the media by Murdoch, as long as he acts in Murdoch’s interests of course. Mr. Morrison’s brother, Alan, is co-deputy chair of the Paramedicine Accreditation Committee, with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) – the organization responsible for implementing the national registration and accreditation scheme across Australia, and who have directed physicians across Australia to promote mRNA inoculation, and reject ivermectin.

    Labour Health Minister D’Ath warned by Senior doctor to look for another job.
    The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA.
    You have produced 0 percent herd immunity and 100 percent herd insanity.
    Dr Simon Stilgoe Brisbane.

    Dr Christian Perronne all who voted for vaxx obligations can be prosecuted at international tribunals

    The entire Australian vaccination policy is totally corrupted with massive systemic and extensive conflicts of interest everywhere including the deeply conflicted mainstream media empires with huge ownership by the Murdoch media empires and their extensive interests.

    There is and has never been any independent body to stop these criminal tyrants. The whole system is totally corrupted.

    They should all be charged with gross violations of Nuremberg principles/Nuremberg code for the tyrannical crimes against innocent populations.

    Unvaccinated lockdown in NT extended for Alice Springs, remote communities restricted – TOTT News.


    The Center for research on globalization by Professor Michel Chossudovsky

    The Agenda is to Vaccinate 7.9 BILLION People WorldWide; This is a Political Agenda-2019 COV Novella By POWERFUL Financial Interests (British Empire-Bill Gates & Fauci Are Members)

    DECEMBER 12, 2021


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