Deep State FBI Raids Clinic Over Vitamin C Injections

Another One for the
They Hate Us For Our Freedoms File

The law is clear: doctors may prescribe any lawful therapy for even “off label” uses.  Specifically, Vitamin C injections have been part of standard medicine to reduce inflammation for decades.

Until the COVID-19 declared pandemic.

The FBI just raided a Detroit area medical facility that was providing Vitamin C injections, free of charge, to first responders. [1]

“Vitamin C infusion, is a common practice in the US because it boosts the immune system,” stated Dr. Charles Mok who runs the clinic.

This Deep State attack on good medicine is particularly outrageous because during a declared pandemic it is ethical, according to the WHO, to use even unapproved remedies that may offer help. [2]

Question for President Trump:  when will your FBI return to its traditional role of dealing with criminals, rather than being the enforcement thugs for the FDA/CDC pandemic pushers?


“Dr. Charles Mok, who owns Allure Medical Spa, did a Facebook live video giving an IV-vitamin C treatment for free to a Detroit police officer. In the video, Mok said ‘What I’m finding in practice — I treat a lot of COVID patients — is that if we catch people early, get them on intravenous vitamin C, they turn around really fast.'”

Yes, once again, the Federal authorities are putting themselves squarely against common sense in order to maintain the fiction that the government is here to help…




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