FDA Did NOT Grant Full Approval To Pfizer Covid Gene Therapy Shots


Chuck Baldwin

Once again, the propagandist news media is lying to you. The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Covid gene therapy shots. Carl Switchzer covers the story for American Thinker:

You may have heard that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 shot received FDA approval this past Monday.  Politicians, national health officials, and journalists are breathless with excitement about how this approval will finally induce the remaining “vaccine-hesitant” into stepping forward to receive their jab.  The FDA even has a press release on its website about it.

There’s just one problem.

If you read the actual letters that the FDA sent to Pfizer on August 23, 2021, you’ll see that the FDA did no such thing.  In the sense that the term “FDA approval” is generally understood, this drug is not approved by the FDA.  It is still under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).  It is still an experimental drug.

The FDA sent two letters.  The first one was a letter of BLA (Biologics License Application) approval, and the second was a letter of EUA extension to COMIRNATY.

The BLA approval letter approves Pfizer’s application for a license to label its COVID-19 drug with the brand name COMIRNATY.  This letter also spells out the terms and requirements for nine additional clinical trials over five years, and yearly status reports, to study the acknowledged occurrences of myocarditis and pericarditis that have followed the administering of the Pfizer shots.  This license to label and manufacture is not a full approval of the drug, which clearly is still subject to many years of clinical trials.

The EUA extension letter extends the term of the EUA for the current drug and authorizes (licenses) the experimental use of the brand-name drug COMIRNATY.  In the first paragraph on page 2, this letter references the license approval letter.  In the second paragraph on page 2, the August 12 EUA is re-issued to include the name-branded drug in the emergency use authorization, and to add “language regarding warnings and precautions related to myocarditis and pericarditis.”  In the last paragraph on page 4, the EUA nature of the drugs is re-iterated, and COMIRNATY is additionally authorized for use for individuals aged 12 through 15 years.

The mRNA gene therapy shots are still experimental.  Mandating them is still wrong — by a wide variety of ethical standards.

Dr. Meryl Nass, M.D. found the truths that the FDA buried in the blather of these letters and offers a theory about why it was done this way.  The drug-manufacturers were granted immunity from liability for the drugs produced under the EUAs.  The granting of the license re-applies the customary liability for injury and death caused by the product.  Pfizer, the health officials, and the politicians get to take a fictitious victory lap for the “approval,” while Pfizer-BioNTech continues to stealthily enjoy immunity from product liability because there are many millions of the unlicensed doses on the shelves and in the manufacturing pipeline that will be administered first.  The licensed version will not arrive on shelves or be jabbed into arms for many months to come.

Of great concern, considering the factual content of the FDA EUA letters to Pfizer, is the breezy way the press release on the FDA website repeatedly uses the words “approve” and “approval” in reference to the Pfizer drug.  If only there were a word for intentionally saying things to the public that do not match reality…

COMIRNATY seems like an unusual name for anything, much less a cutting-edge-technology gene therapy.  Out of idle curiosity, I ran the name through an anagram solver.  For a result, it gave TIROMANCY, which is divination or prophecy by examining how curds form during the coagulation of cheese.  How apropos.  That’s something I’m willing to try for forecasting the results of the next election!

Once again, the antichrist cultists running this phony Covid narrative are using smoke and mirrors to further deceive the public into accepting these dangerous and dominating drugs.

The bottom line: “The mRNA gene therapy shots are still experimental.” The drugs are still authorized under Donald Trump’s Emergency Order.

And people are still dying after receiving the jabs.

However, the most fascinating element of the above report is the last paragraph. Let me requote:

COMIRNATY seems like an unusual name for anything, much less a cutting-edge-technology gene therapy.  Out of idle curiosity, I ran the name through an anagram solver.  For a result, it gave TIROMANCY, which is divination or prophecy by examining how curds form during the coagulation of cheese.  How apropos.

Had evangelical Christians not been duped with a century-long brainwashing of Scofield Futurism, they would have quickly discerned the antichrist nature of the entire Covid narrative—especially the phony vaccines.

As I have been trying to warn people from the very beginning, the entire Covid narrative is an antichrist mark of the beast, meaning it is a supernatural, satanic deception.

I again urge readers to watch my DVD entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist. This DVD contains 5 messages. They are:

The Scofield Rapture: A False Escape From The Beast

The False Security Of The Beast

The Command To Resist The Beast

The Masks Of The Beast

The Marks Of The Beast

I have another DVD message that coincides with the above messages. It is entitled The Babylon Of Revelation 18. I urge readers to watch this message too.

Let me also point readers to my message of two Sundays ago entitled How Are Forced Covid Vaccinations Different From The Mark Of The Beast? They Aren’t! (We will be making a unique DVD of this message soon.)

It is no coincidence that the name given to this gene therapy drug, COMIRNATY, means “divination or prophecy.” This is code-speak of the Satanists that are behind the Covid narrative.

Again, my message The Babylon Of Revelation 18 will help explain this.

Before ending this column, let me here applaud the 15 most freedom-minded and discerning states in the country based upon the percentages of people NOT taking the phony vaccines.

Here are the top 15 states with the lowest percentages of people taking the Covid gene therapy drugs (as of 9/1/21):

1. Mississippi: 37.74%
2. Alabama: 38.35%
3. Wyoming: 38.63%
4. Idaho: 39.18%
5. West Virginia: 39.65%
6. Georgia: 41.22%
7. Louisiana: 41.43%
8. Arkansas: 41.52%
9. North Dakota: 41.68%
10. Tennessee: 41.85%
11. South Carolina: 43.35%
12. Oklahoma: 43.83%
13. Missouri: 45.06%
14. Montana: 46%
15. Indiana: 46.29%

States gaining honorable mention by virtue of the fact that fewer than 50% of the people in these states have NOT taken the phony vaccines:

16. North Carolina: 46.35%
17. Alaska: 47.21%
18. Texas: 47.43%
19. Utah: 47.51%
20. Nevada: 47.84%
21. Arizona: 47.88%
22. Kansas: 48.25%
23. Ohio: 48.4%
24. Kentucky: 48.52%
25. South Dakota: 49.08%

Notice that exactly half of the American states have less than 50% of their citizens who have fallen victim to the propaganda of the antichrist system promoting this mark of the beast. HALF!

After over 18 months of around-the-clock government and media fear mongering, manipulation and propaganda, after over 18 months of coercion and intimidation by major U.S. corporations, school systems, colleges and universities, State and county “health” boards and big State governors, and after 95% of America’s evangelical pastors and churches falling in line with the antichrist system that is the Covid narrative . . . after over 18 months of all of this, HALF of the American states have not achieved an inoculation rate of even 50%.

But you can bet that Fauci’s Frankensteins will not let up. They are desperate to make sure they do not fail in their attempt to finally destroy free America. And without a doubt, this is the best opportunity they have ever had.

Think of the alliance that this satanic system has formed. It includes governments at all levels, the major media, almost 100% of the educational systems of this country, the entire medical establishment, the pharmaceutical companies, the Pentagon and the vast majority of America’s evangelical pastors and churches. That’s quite a list.

And still, HALF of the people in the country ARE NOT BUYING IT.

I say all of that to say this: DON’T GIVE UP! The preservation of Liberty is worth any cost, any sacrifice, any fight. And Fauci and his devilish deceivers now realize that they are IN A FIGHT. And they also know that it’s a fight they could very possibly lose.


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Source:  www.freedomsphoenix.com/Opinion/311450-2021-09-02-fda-did-not-grant-full-approval-to-pfizer-covid-gene.htm?From=News

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