Five Years Since General Bert Died


Dr. Rima E. Laibow and
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
Support Health Freedom

Dear Health Freedom Advocates,

The man in the picture above was born today, February 6, 1930. He was – and is – my husband, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army) He was murdered today, February 6, 2107. I believe that his murder, which was initiated months earlier by medical misdeeds and intentional, repeated lethal actions, was designed to silence him (mostly effective) and to silence me (total failure).

He was a career warrior during his illustrious 32 year career in the US Army, where he retired as the Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) in 1984.

He was a passionate warrior for freedom and truth, Founding President of the Natural Solutions Foundation in 2004 and a brilliant strategic analyst. He died for it.

Anyone who knew us would assume that his death would so devastate me that it would render me mute and kill me quickly out of overwhelming grief.

One look at the picture above shows you the kind of love that we lived, making that assumption quite reasonable.

But it did not work. True, the Wrongful Death/Malpractice case that I brought to bring him justice failed miserably because of legal misdoing. That was, perhaps, to be expected.

One of the characteristic questions General Bert was known for asking was, “Who made that rule?” when something seemed obvious, immovable and unchangeable, and was in our way.

General Bert’s death would seem to be final, irrevocable and an end to both his contribution to my life and to the life of Health Freedom.

But, to quote him again, “Who made that rule?”

Starting two days after his physical death, General Bert has actively communicated with me and at least 4 other people, carried out a series of physical manipulations documented medically and photographically, provided specific advanced scientific information now driving explorations by a team that includes an advanced quantum physicist and otherwise challenged the rule of what we are taught to believe is fixed about death.

I am writing today, the anniversary of the birth of my dearest love, and the anniversary of his murder, to tell you that the battle for our freedom to make our own choices, ask our own questions and come to our own answers, the principles for which General Bert was killed, the principles for which there have since been numerous attempts on my life and endless attacks on Natural Solutions Foundation, are worth fighting for.

They are what the Canadian Truckers are fighting for. And the Finnish and Belgian and French and US and Argentinian and Australian and Austrian truckers and so many others are fighting for.

They are what good doctors are fighting (and being punished) for. They are good journalists and good nurses and good men and women in so many walks of life are fighting for.

There is no more important battle than the battle for Informed Consent and Health Freedom, the battle to own one’s own body and make one’s own decisions.

That is Informed Consent — Health Freedom — nothing more, nothing less.

General Bert, my beloved Bert, gave his life for that freedom. That should have silenced him. Who made that rule?

It should have crushed me. Who made that rule.

Censorship should have ended the flow of good information. Who made that rule.

Fauci’s corrupted version of “science” should have ended the dissent. Who made that rule?

Objective Science asks the questions.

Free People make their own decisions.

The Rule of Law allows for open debate and personal autonomy.

Thank you for being a Health Freedom Advocate.

We need your donations, your participation and your love.

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Below this email you will find a list of resources and opportunities to join me in wishing General Bert a Happy Birthday!

This is, as the General might say, “A hill worth dying on” — Health Freedom.

And you will find links to his posthumous books which are really quite remarkable.

Thanks for showing up for the party.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima


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4 thoughts on “Five Years Since General Bert Died

  1. Blessed BE. I remember seeing some very informative videos on YTube by the General & of course, heard that it was he (or his works) represented, however ridiculously portrayed, in the film “Men Who Stare at Goats”. I love and honor the courageous ones who dare to Think Differently, with Wisdom.
    Here’s to the Men & Women such as Bert. Honors.

  2. dr laibow, we still do not believe in fossil-fuel chemicals for health; Ola is now 90 and NELS 93, 21 feb, 2022,
    evidencing some correctness. you may recall that she has been an RN and I an RPH all these centuries.
    ARE YOU STILL LIVING where we enjoyed your company? loving regards, n & o

  3. Your date of death should be 2017, not 2107. I worked with Burt as a volunteer in 2009 when they were in Volcan, Panama. He was a fine man and and very interesting guy to know.

  4. Dr Rima Laibow,
    Thank you for sharing this very emotional letter with us, what a wonderful & incredible man.
    These entities are intent on trying to stop anyone who gets in their way, & without a shadow of doubt
    your work exposes their vile plans.
    Dr Rima, – Major General Stubblebine, Ralph Fucetola & Yourself have saved many lives, educating & speaking the truth.
    It was your interview with Jesse Ventura (The great culling) that opened my eyes to the horror that we are now witnessing. Thank you so much.

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