FL Hosp Drumming Up Business – Making Sick Kids Sicker!

FL Hosp Drumming Up Business – Making Sick Kids Sicker!

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in FL needs a new name. How about John Hopkins Some Children’s Hospital?

This shameful institution announced that they will will refuse to admit all unvaccinated kids — those who are immune compromised or sick already! [1]

The violations of the standard of care, informed consent, any version of the Hippocratic Oath, rational thought or scientific sophistication just flew out every window in the hospital.

FACT: Parents have the inalienable right to refuse any and all medical treatment for their children (as they do for themselves) under the international law known memorialized in the Geneva Convention.

FACT: That right applies in the entire United States as well as 130 other countries.

FACT: Florida is part of the United States.

FACT: The science supporting the oft-ballyhooed theory of Herd Immunity does not exist.

FACT: Vaccines, as documented by such entities as the World Health Organization and the CDC spread the very disease they are said to prevent.

FACT: Every study conducted anywhere in the world comparing the health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children clearly shows that immune-damaged children (that is, vaccinated ones) have more disorders, diseases and earlier deaths than unvaccinated ones.

FACT: EVERY VACCINE DEPLOYED IN THE US IS AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE since not one has ever been tested and shown to be both safe and effective as required under US law. [2]

FACT: John’s Hopkins “All” Children’s Hospital has announced its intention to force grievous bodily harm on every one of its prospective patients.

FACT: This heinous and egregiously stupid decision requires a law suit now to nip it in the bud and prevent other institutions from carrying out similar illegal and dangerous actions.

FACT: Counsel Ralph Fucetola and I stand ready to spearhead that law suit. If you have an interest in taking part with information, energy and/or support, contact me today at Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundation.com.

FACT: Autism did not exist before vaccinations overwhelmed our children’s immune systems. Read that again: “did. not. exist.”

In the meantime, protect yourself and your loved ones with the Advance Vaccine Directive — CLICK HERE — for each member of your family lawfully and powerfully asserting your right (and theirs) to refuse all vaccines.

And protect your immune system with my wonderful Nano Silver 10 PPM — CLICK HERE.

Oh, if you believe, as we do, that this requires a major law suit, make a donation to our sister organization, The Institute of Health Research through its crowdfunding site, https://fundly.com/support-natural-therapies.

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And have a happy, healthy holiday!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS: Here’s where you can get Autism: The Definitive Action Plan: CLICK HERE. Give it. Read it. Do both!

[1] https://vaxxter.com/john-hopkins-florida-unvaccinated-refusal/
[2] See our Vaccine Safety Analysishttp://www.inhere.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Vax-Science-White-Paper-2018.pdf

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