FORBES CONFESSED: mRNA Alters Human DNA And Worsens The Situation!


Addison Wilson

The panic around the pandemic caused the companies like Pfizer to release the vaccine very fast in record time, even though the clinical trials are scheduled to end in 2023. Until that time, we didn’t know the actual effectiveness and all possible side effects of the shot.

Some experts claim that the vaccine will change the DNA of the recipient and that claims were spread all over the world.

Precisely because of this, many people are hesitant to get the shot. So, many world-recognized experts started speaking about this issue. So, they have divided opinions. Those who work for the government claim that the vaccine won’t alter the human DNA, and that fits the MSM’s narrative.

But, on the other hand, we have independent experts, who don’t have a reason to lie to the public, and they say the vaccine alters the human DNA.

Take a look at the video below, and hear Alex Jones breaks down the evidence proving the mRNA shots alter human DNA and worse.


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