Former Houston Methodist nurses protest hospital over COVID vaccine requirement

Monday, June 28, 2021 2:56AM

“I’m running out of options as a career because of a mandatory vaccine that could affect my fertility,” said a nurse who has been fired for refusing to get vaccines.
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Nurses who were among the 153 workers at Houston Methodist Hospital that either resigned or got fired after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine protested against the hospital Saturday morning.

Former employees and their supporters demonstrated outside the hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

“It shows that a majority of the people want to be free because the decision to get vaccinated is a freedom,” said Carmen Maria Montiel, a spokesperson for Latinos for Trump.

The nurses held signs claiming that the hospital violated their rights.

Initially, 178 workers were suspended for two weeks after failing to meet the vaccine deadline. They then sued Methodist over the mandate, but a judge tossed the lawsuit, calling it frivolous.

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“Originally, I just wanted it to be fully FDA approved. I wanted more research done,” said Jennifer Bridges, a former nurse at Houston Methodist. “But in the past two months, my whole feelings have changed. I have personally witnessed some horrible adverse reactions with hundreds of people.”

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Keri, a registered nurse who was at the protest, shared how this wasn’t her first time getting fired for not getting a vaccine.

She said that years ago, she refused to get the flu shot when hospitals were mandating the vaccine.

“I was younger, in my 20s. I was thinking about my future, having children, and I started reading that they had not been researched for fertility, and I became concerned,” she said.

Keri said she was fired from two positions as a registered nurse.

“Given this situation, I’m running out of options as a career because of a mandatory vaccine that could affect my fertility,” she said.


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