Free from Facebook Shadow Banning and Mind Control

The Great Facebook Purge of 2020 Redux
#FacebookPurgeFree At Last!
From Shadow Banning and Mind Control

I reported earlier this week how I was among the thousands banned from Facebook, without warning. 

You can read about that here:

What I didn’t realize was just how addicted to Facebook I had become.  I really appreciated being able to connect with my large and widespread family.  As we’ve aged and had families of our own my 30+ cousins no longer shared summers at the Jersey Shore, but we did share garden photos and our families’ milestones.

I also maintained groups for several churches and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) I worked with.  And I posted “controversial” information about natural health and attacks on natural health and the universal right of Informed Consent — apparently political opinion and scientific discourse violate ever-changing and unknowable “community standards” — I was banned and all my information disappeared.

At first I felt nervous and uncertain.  I had spent several hours each day “on social media”  — I was clearly experiencing withdrawal symptoms from being cut-off.  I found myself reaching for my cell phone to be connected again.  But the connection was gone. 

Of course I found alternatives, such as or — I had been a member of Minds for several years and liked its uncensored, blockchain friendly structure.  I just joined Parler.  You can find me on either under my name.

What I realized, quickly, however, was that my experience on both Parler and Minds was quite different from Facebook (and Twitter).  I was seeing a broader and clearly uncensored view of social media.  My misplaced loyalty to Facebook had limited my access to real information.

Shadow banning and limiting interactions to just a few “friends” were the methods used by Facebook to maintain the mind control.

Now I look to Zero Hedge and Open Source Truth for up-to-date information.  I find other sources as well. I’m no longer letting social media mediate what I experience.  This is very liberating.

I’ve written about the Telecommunications Act and how Big Tech’s misinterpretation of the law enables “private” but still deep state censorship in violation of our inalienable right of Free Speech.  More about that, including the formal Comment I’ve submitted to the Federal Communications Commission here:

It’s time to say goodbye to Facebook and turn our attention to social media platforms that understand that they are “merely” a public utility, allowing free expression and not the arbiters of what is and is not acceptable truth.

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Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee

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2 thoughts on “Free from Facebook Shadow Banning and Mind Control

  1. Please include me in the law suite against Big Tech. I really need money! I quit Twitter and still have an Instagram account. Both of the mentioned Big Tech’s have censored my accounts. Google has altered my perception of many things and issues without my permission. I think it’s called mind altering information instead of the truth and reality.

    1. Brian, that is not how plaintiffs for this case are selected. The case is about censorship, not bias. However, if you have a case against Big Tech that you want brought, you can consult an attorney, usually without cost, to get a preliminary read on whether you do, indeed, have a viable case.

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