FREEDOM HUB: Declared Pandemic Mind Control

Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph



Wednesday, July 1, 2020 — 7 PM EDT
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The Following Message is from Charles Frohman of Freedom Hub

Declare Your Health Independence
BEFORE the Cartel’s 2nd Wave!
Podcast Featuring
Rima E. Laibow MD and Ralph Fucetola JD

Wed, July 1st @ 7pm Eastern / 5pm Mtn

Seeing the governments’ bait ‘n switch from COVID death hysteria to alarmism on mere infection, as well as a host of other atrocities (like unnecessary, mass nursing home deaths and unscientific lockdown, distancing & masking orders), it is critical to present all the harms committed by the Pharma-influenced politicians, regulators and their media propagandists.

The perfect duo to lay out the facts of the hysteria – and how you can assert your health independence – are drug-free psychiatrist Rima Laibow and the natural products “Vitamin Lawyer” himself, Ralph Fucetola.  For years at Natural Solutions Foundation they have analyzed the cartel’s poisonous edicts and how to stay free and healthy.  Before the “second wave” – perhaps as a result of Pharma’s outrageously risky vaccine – educate yourself what just happened so you can avoid what’s coming.

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