Herd Immunity vs Community Immunity

Herd Immunity vs Community Immunity
Why Dr. Fauci is Wrong About the Vaccine “Against” COVID

Refuse All Vaccines

We are told that the only hope for humanity facing the Declared Pandemic is for us to hide in our homes until we are rescued by a rushed-to-market vaccine “against” COVID-19.

Never mind that the drug companies have failed for decades to develop a “safe” vaccine “against” any coronavirus! Never mind that the first-ever micro-chipped, gene-altering COVID Vaxx will not be adequately safety tested. Never mind that COVID, while quite contagious, is apparently less deadly than the some annual influenza outbreaks.

First follow the money. WHO estimates the world vaccine market will be over $100 billion a year by 2025. Dr. Fauci and others hold patent interests which will pay them very well indeed if we all are vaccinated. Keep that in mind.

What Dr. Fauci said was that, due to American resistance to mass vaccination not enough people will volunteer for the savior-vaccine and “herd immunity” will not develop and the lockdown (curious word that; usually used to describe what happens after a prison riot…).

So let’s look at this concept of “herd immunity.” And remember that humans are not herd animals.

In theory some members of a herd are naturally immune to different strains of a disease-causing pathogen. If enough are immune to the strain entering the herd even those not immune will be less likely to contract the disease. Herd immunity starts with naturally immune individuals.

Now compare that to “community immunity” which is what happens among social animals when a group is exposed to a novel pathogen or pathogen strain and enough contract the disease and develop immunity the spread and virulence of the disease is slowed.

For example, we are all the descendants of survivors the Black Death, of the Great Pox (Syphilis) and the Small Pox. The human population is, generally, immune from those diseases, or if contracted, the severity is less. There is community immunity against a repeat of the Black Death, though the bacteria Yersinia pestis still exists and is here and there among humans alive today.

A successful pathogen wants to replicate; killing people is a side-effect and those pathogens that become less virulent become part of the human microbiome, educating our immune systems.

No Dr. Fauci, the false promise of a vaccine “against” COVID will not save us.

Understanding how a health human immune system works will. But, alas, modern Public Health Authorities appear to know little of value about natural immunity. That’s why medical-system induced injury is one of the leading causes of death in the modern world.

That’s why ventilator use and other “treatments” are the real Declared Pandemic killers. And that’s why we cannot trust the Public Health Authorities to save us from their mistakes.

Are you ready to refuse, resist and raise your voice?

Here is what you must do:

RESIST – Send the following messages to everyone on your list:

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REFUSE – Refuse all vaccines. Get the Advance Vaccine Directive Card to assert your legal right to refuse! https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard  Refuse Sado-Mask-ism:  https://tinyurl.com/maskexemption.

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