Freedom, Tyranny and Technology

Freedom, Tyranny and Technology
Rima E. Laibow MD

It’s no surprise that tyrants use technology to delude, confuse and dehumanize their victims. If you can capture minds, after all, bodies are much easier to deal with, and to dispose of.

Once you capture minds, those captured can be dispatched to enslave or eliminate others.

And once you capture their minds, they will let you do what you wish to their bodies and thank you for it.

Big government, big tech, big pharma, big brother:  “Same-o, same-o…” as General Bert says.

So when I share tools and techniques for implementing YOUR choices for YOUR health care, for YOUR political will, for YOUR vaccine choices, for YOUR unmasked noses and mouths, for YOUR uncorrupted children, for YOUR freedom from International enslavement, at least in my mind, it’s all part of the same deep commitment that I believe we share: a commitment to YOUR freedom from the DNA out.

I believe fervently that if you did not share that commitment, you would not be reading this, you would not be a subscriber to our newsletter or a listener to our podcast. (Except, of course, for the government watchers, snitches, trolls and spies.)

There are a bazillion issues out there.  The ones I focus on with you are the central, seminal ones that, once sorted out, will solve some of the major assaults on your freedom: Getting out of the death clubs known as WHO and the UN, for example, protecting your children from permanent, irreversible harm through trauma-based irreversible psychological and physical harm, for example.

There are a bazillion products out there. The ones I choose to share with you are unique ones that, once chosen and deployed could make a massive change in your health status because they are central to your well-being: Adhesive drug free data patches that allow your brain and body to move toward homeostasis and well-being (, a patented family of molecules that bring profoundly helpful information to the active receptors in your body allowing another powerful pathway to homeostasis (, a unique and impactful group of nano silver products at the forefront of safe biome strategies (

And wallet (bookbag/purse) cards to assert your Right of Informed Consent to refuse all vaccines and masking (, professional quality supplements, nutrients and personal products that you choose for yourself, your family and your pets (

Each one is Best In Class, supports freedom, cannot be obtained any other way and puts choice, health and freedom precisely where they belong – completely in YOUR hands.

Yes, they help support us so we can continue to help support your health and freedom. The point is that there are a tremendous number of products we could choose and we have chosen these, each for a reason.

I am convinced that individually and as a group, these options are power tools for freedom, personal, national and international.

Use them. Share them. Each of us needs to be well and to be free.  Health freedom means YOU are in control of what happens to YOUR body and YOUR health is YOURS to control.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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