French government attempts to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by blocking their access to grocery stores… nation on the verge of REVOLT

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

new video is circulating that shows angry French shoppers protesting outside of a grocery store that refuses to let them buy food without first showing proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination.”

The incident occurred just a few weeks after French President Emmanuel Macron decided to force Chinese Virus injection “passports” on the French people, who ever since have been protesting all across their land.

While many stores and restaurants throughout France are refusing to go along with Macron’s fascist scheme, some, including the store depicted in the video – you can watch it below – are attempting to starve out people who refuse to permanently alter their DNA with experimental gene therapy (mRNA) chemicals.

As you will notice, a line of armed guards was placed just outside the store’s entrance to block “unvaccinated” shoppers from entering. One woman is seen confronting them with screams of protest as they stare back dead-faced, just doing their jobs.

None of the protesters are seen in the clip wearing a mask, either, suggesting that they are opposed to all forms of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny as mandated by the government.

“The entire world has had it with this insane bulls***,” wrote one Twitter user in response to the clip, which is infuriating people all around the world.

“Now they’re denying people access to food in France – if they don’t take an unapproved FDA vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate,” wrote another.

Many French are bravely standing up to Chinese Virus injection tyranny


The current “law” in France dictates that French shoppers show a covid vaccine passport when entering large shopping malls. Public spaces with a surface area of less than 20,000 square meters are supposed to be exempt.

Any person caught entering a bar or restaurant of any size in France without first presenting a vaccine certificate could face up to six months in prison. Shop owners who refuse to check their patrons’ injection status could be thrown in prison for a year and be fined more than $50,000 per infraction.

The good news is that the French, at large, are fighting back against these draconian impositions. Many business owners are blatantly defying the orders, as are their patrons who are refusing to obey.

Early on, French police made a point of showing their presence in an attempt to scare the French people into compliance. That has since changed, according to reports, as enforcement has waned amid ongoing nationwide protests.

The one area where the government of France is claiming a victory is with inner-city public transport, which continues to check riders’ injection status. Those without proof of vaccination are being denied access to public transport throughout France.

Hilariously, Macron gave a speech recently defending the vaccine passport scheme. Macron called it a form of “freedom” for the French people, claiming that it promotes “safety.”

“If the police or anyone is denying you access to food, they are trying to kill you,” wrote one commenter at, suggesting that people need to stand up and do something before it is too late.

“Don’t go with 10 people; don’t go with 100 people; go with 1,000+ people and stomp any police that try to stop you,” wrote another. “Set up target stores in various parts of your city. Hit them at the same time en masse so that they cannot respond effectively.”

“They are acting as an armed gang and violating your rights. And for good measure sing La Marseillaise as you beat them down. Bonne chance mes amis!”


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