French Protests Against Vaccine Passport Mandate Continue for 9th Consecutive Weekend

 September 12, 2021

Instead of complying with vaccine mandates imposed by French President Emanuel Macron, the French are resisting the government’s tyranny by the masses for the third month in a row.

Marking the ninth consecutive weekend of demonstrations, thousands of Frenchmen took to the streets yet again this weekend in defiance of the country’s mandatory vaccine and “health pass” requirements.

Protests that began Saturday morning in Paris were met by opposition from France’s National Police who were seen in videos pushing back against the demonstrators and even pepper spraying them.

Hover, what appears to be a few dozen law enforcement officers was no match for the thousands of protestors across the country who marched into the night against Macron’s vaccine mandates.

The French interior ministry said 121,000 people demonstrated in France on Saturday, according to AFP. 19,000 of them protested in Paris where police arrested dozens of people who pushed back against the police.

French parliament last month passed a bill mandating vaccines for health workers and requiring enforcement of the “health pass” vaccine passport in private businesses across France. Businesses that do not comply would face a 1,500 euro fine, which progressively increases for repeat offenders, for noncompliance, Reuters reported.

However, the future of the vaccine passport mandates is uncertain amid weekly mass civil disobedience from the people of France fighting for their freedom.


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