Gen. Bert Honored for Career of Exceptional Service

My friend and mentor, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III was honored, a year after his passing, with the Knowlton Award, given to those members of the Intelligence Services who served with exceptional skill and commitment.  Here is the award, held by his widow, Rima E. Laibow, MD:

And here, the narrative of his career as perceived by the Deep State:

What would Bert say about all this? This is what we think he might say:

“Tell them I loved the Nation I served but I love the American people more. I learned after giving my everything to service that I was serving a false god. I was a good soldier in a not-so-good cause, though bringing down the USSR was a boon to humanity.

What Dr. Rima led me to understand was the depths of deceit in the system I served. I began to understand that when I sought information about UFOs and met a blank wall. It was clear that the truth was there, but not where I could reach it. I learned much more about the corruption in the system when we dedicated ourselves to Heal the World. The deep state reaches through agencies like Codex Alimenatarius and into every doctor’s office. I still laugh at this UN agency providing us with armed guards trying to prevent us from talking to the delegates!

My greatest intel achievement is not mentioned. Remote Viewing changed the Intel Services. Remote Viewing opened the way for me to change the world. Peak Performance makes it possible. That is my legacy and my continuation.

Let ’em chew on that a while.”

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