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Reading these Messages is, as you might imagine, very emotional for me.

Married people, people in relationships, talk to each other about trivial, familiar things and about immense, life-defining ones.  My husband, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army), or ‘Bert”, and I are no exception.

What is exceptional is that he has been cremated. Even that is not so unusual: widows and widowers, bereaved children and lovers, worshippers of a deity, all speak to their objects of veneration or desire.

Having answers and initiations from the absent, mythical or dead companion is a little more unusual, but still not unheard of.

Saints, seers and psychotics alike report the results of those conversations.

What is unusual in the dialogues with my beloved Bert, who defines himself as an SDG, a ‘Slightly Dead Guy” is that other people have the opportunity to interact with him independently from my connection (real or imagined) and the documentation, including photographs and real-world manipulations in which he engages are tangible and depend on clear-eyed, cold observation, not belief or hope.

From the beginning of his transmissions to me shortly after he was killed on his birthday (February 6, 2017), Bert has been talking about time, gradually elucidating what he means by telling us that there is no such thing as fixed, unidirectional time and that time is not fixed, but mutable.

He has explained carefully why it appears to be fixed and final, but is actually no such thing.

I question and probe, and in his discussions with me, Ralph Fucetola and Phil L’Hommdieu, the core team of Bert’s conversationalists, do the same, Ralph from his legal and spiritual perspectives and Phil from his  Quantum Physics vantage point.

And, together, triangulating the information we received from Bert with everything each of the other members of the team has received when we all three ask the same questions.

Still, the longest, most consistent and most intimate conversations are the ones between Bert, my husband, and me, his wife.

And, of course, that makes sense.

In my constant questioning, I was astonished to find that Bert had arranged for a friend and colleague, Tom Cox, to invite me over to his large screen-equipped house, to watch a movie. but, in fact, cajoled the situation so that Tom and I began to mini-binge watch a German TV series called “Dark”.

Dark is about time.  Subtract the plot, with its sex, lies, betrayal and murders and you have a remarkable primer about time as Bert presents it.

With magnificent cinematography, to boot.

And then, during the weeks between our little 3 hour binges, Bert and have been talking about Time.

Ralph has assembled the book that has emerged.

Read on.  Enjoy.  I hope you find it as stimulating as Ralph, Phil and I do.

Please feel free to send your comments to me at

Yours in love and wonder, sorrow and joy,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Tucson Arizona
September 2021

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