General Bert Was Right: The Tipping Point Has Been Reached

“Life Expectancy in 2020 Fell 2.3 Percent to 77 Years.
Does This Justify the Covid Panic?”

I strongly recommend reading this article with a discerning eye.  Are we seeing proof of General Bert Stubblebine’s 2015/2016 predictions of the “Tipping Point” which would signal an immanent potential for societal collapse. [1] The signal would be the rapid retreat of life expectancy, after literally centuries of steady increase

“According to a new report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control, the life expectancy at birth in the United States fell to 77.0 iyears n 2020, falling from 2019’s life expectancy of 78.8 years. The report also noted an increase of mortality with age-adjusted mortality in the US rising from 715.2 per 100,000 in 2019 to 836.4 per 100,000 in 2020.

“Media reporting on the CDC’s report provide a variety of statistics on one-year percentage changes, no doubt with an eye toward maximizing the perceived effect of covid-19 on American health.  But what are the trends when we look at these numbers in the larger context? That is, just how much has life expectancy and mortality swung from what we’ve experienced in recent decades?  A closer look at these numbers suggests that covid does not exactly represent an epochal change in life expectancy, health, or healthcare. Moreover, the new numbers also help illustrate how efforts by journalists earlier this year to describe covid-19 as “deadlier” than the 1918 flu were wildly off the mark.”

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“Late 2015 General Stubbleine wrote, “White men are dying in America. Not just your ordinary mortality deaths, but something special, ominous and predictable which is a prelude for something much, much worse if we do nothing.” He was right. By late 2016 it appeared that white women, long thought the healthiest Americans, were dying sooner, and overall longevity was declining in America.  The 2016 report, with link to the 2015 report and video are here:




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