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First Amendment FDA Case In Federal Court: Important Tuesday Podcast

What if you did have real Health Freedom and you could make your own health decisions freely, without interference from FDA or any other part of the government?

“Impossible! We live in a rapidly emerging medical totalitarian global state.”, you say?

It’s a nightmare we all fear waking up to, but what if the FDA has actually maneuvered itself into position to have to change that by taking Natural Solutions Foundation to Federal Court to stop us from telling you about, and selling you, nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM?

And what if doing so means that we get to push back really, really hard to overturn the level of oppression and suppression of our First Amendment Rights?

Look, we’ve been dreaming of getting the FDA into Federal Court for nearly 2 decades on just this issue and they have done us the favor of suing us for, as we understand it, telling you the truth about Nano Silver 10 PPM and making it available if you choose to use it as a nutrient part of your health strategy.

We believe we have strong arguments allowing us to be among the cases that prevail against the FDA in Federal Court. Represented by the amazing Larry Becraft, JD, whom many refer to as “the Dean of the Patriot Lawyers”, we intend to take FDA sharply to task for impinging upon and infringing upon your freedom of choice and our freedom of speech about a nutrient supported by science.

Not only that, but since there are strategies for prevention and treatment of COVID-19, we do not believe that the Emergency Use Authorizations being planned for the “Warp Speed” COVID vaccines is either justified or lawful.

If you are among the 2/3 of people in the US who do not agree to have a COVID-19 vaccine mandate thrust upon them, if you understand that these genetically engineered vaccines are both a freedom and a health threat, then add your shoulder to the Giving Wheel and make your Giving Tuesday generosity pay for itself many times over by supporting your own Health Freedom. How? Easy.

Give generously here — — to support Natural Solutions’ fight against FDA tyranny in the Federal District Court.

You money goes to support our defense. Remember, this is YOUR health and freedom we are talking about. Such gifts are not tax-deductible donations as the Foundation, a private advocacy association, does not seek or accept such.

You are actually giving generously to support your own well-being. Good deal! Thanks in advance for your gifts and for spreading the word on social media.

Let your contacts know that it’s a great idea to sign up for our complementary Newsletter here — Sign Up Form ( and to give generously here, LINK. And remind them to spread the word, too.

And Don’t Forget! Dr. Rima Truth Reports Tuesday 6-8 PM Eastern

Special Guest: Dan Brock


How to Listen:

Dan Brock — — is an engineer by training who understands both film making and software intimately. He is also a careful student of the impact of AI and its multidimensional role in our emerging reality, elegantly merging critical thinking, with an understanding of expanded realities – and their intersection with AI and, ultimately, us, Dan is an edge-walker by whom you won’t want to miss being stimulated!

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