Hatred as Same Old, Same Old Psi Op

Hatred as Same Old, Same Old Psi Op.
Why Does That Sound So Familiar?

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

It’s everywhere. Someone is to blame. It’s the Chinese. No, it’s the Blacks. No, it’s the Whites. No, it’s the Jews.  Right! That works since, failing anyone else to blame, it’s always the Jews. Hatred (or the magical bestowing of special virtues – the flip side of the same thing) toward members of a designated group is no longer a personal and social state of disfunction, which is what it should be.

It has, once again, become a fashion statement, a politically correct indicator of ‘deep knowledge and advanced thinking‘.

There was a time, not so long ago, in the United States, that race/group/ethnic stereotypical ascription of beliefs, behaviors, values, virtues and vices was bad behavior, socially unacceptable, the province of the rude and the crude, the untutored and the boorish. That courtesy and recognition of basic humanity was always true in some circles, but hard fought and hard won as a general social value.

Long, slow painful social justice struggles brought about changes in the law and in social norms.

No one could/should be hired – or fired – because of their class membership, skin tone or background. Jobs and homes and services were to be offered and accepted without group bias or limitation.

It was assumed that, at least in the eyes of the law and decent people, all of us were accorded equal status.  And when we were not, we could strike back at the inequality simply because we were equal, at least in the eyes of the law.

Lives mattered. Color/ethnic affiliation/gender/age/sexual preference/etc., were, at least ideally, private matters, not occupational, educational, social or theological ones. We had, at least in the United States, and, indeed, still have, One Nation, whether or not it is Under God.

But that sort of social cohesion, essential for social solidarity and progress, is very, very bad for the rapid and effective destruction of a society.

If a would-be conqueror can create internal division, antipathy and distrust, fracturing the structure of a whole society becomes far less messy, quicker and easier.  And if the intended target is the entire globe, as, indeed, it currently is, the more distrust, hatred, loathing and fear that can be injected into the body politic, the better.

“Hate him/her/them but ignore me. I’m just the man behind the curtain!”

Now, with COVID or the next pandemic du jour, plus engineered famine (Holodomor redux) roaring down on us to the global max, with the coming institutionalized despair and endless war to drive the narrative, somebody out there, outside of us, surely not us, not an inducted member of the safe and sacred group to which I belong, but somebody else out there, is surely to blame. And that somebody has to look or sound or eat or worship or love differently than we do.  Once we can pin that down, everything gets easier.  Now that we know it was them, we can blame them, hate them, separate from them, destroy them. Given the opportunity, we can punish them after we demonize them and dehumanize them so whatever we do is perfectly fine because they are not nearly as human as we are.

How clever of us! And, this time, we saw it on the internet so it must be true!

They are so different from us, so bad, that we even need our own National Anthem since we are no longer part of the same nation in which they live!

As Michael Massie said in his February 13, 2023 article[1] following the despicable playing of a separate, so-called “Black” National Anthem at the 2023 Superbowl, “There’s one national anthem of the United States of America, and it doesn’t have a color. As was said referencing Kari Lake’s position [when she chose to remain seated during the racially identified and motivated pseudo-anthem], it is about: “One Nation, Under God.”

Of course, these loathsome creatures are beating a path to bureaus of agitprop that no longer pretend to be impartial. But, as usual, while pretending to be offended by what they claim was a blatant display of racism they showcase cultural amnesia.” And blatant racism.

Massie calls out the color mongers, as he labels them, but he could just as well be calling out all of the other hate mongers as well. Importantly, he correctly publicly shames them for hiding behind other cultural institutions: “The fact that the pushers of the so-called anthem hide behind a Christian hymn is dishonorable and morally opprobrious, but obviously not out of character for them. They use the lie of skin color as viscous grease to lubricate their flim-flam machine. Using a Christian hymn provides them cover by having a credible partner, i.e., God, who doesn’t want a cut of their ill-gotten gains. And not atypical of skin-tone mongers, they make their choices based upon what will garner them the most cachet.”

With the fear whipped up by a real pandemic (i.e., the Black Death, which, after emerging from Central Asia, actually did kill huge numbers of Europeans starting around 1369 AD) or a Propagandemic slight-of-hand psi op (i.e., COVID-19 deaths “caused” by worthless “tests’, corruption of data bases, mis-labeled seasonal flu, deadly “treatment” protocols, bioweapons masquerading as immunization injections and their disastrous and deadly effects, etc.), an external enemy for popular rage to turn against is an essential control tool for the would-be controllers/destroyers. Manufacturing the Propagandemic in the first place, patenting the organism, the “tests” and the jab technology well ahead of the supposedly unforeseen disease events and managing the propaganda that marketed it, the oligarchs can control the peasants, herding them ever deeper into their chosen mental, physical, social and financial control systems while the human sheep look where they are told to look, worship what they are told is true, go where they are herded and turn increasingly urgently to the masters for guidance and security.

The only effective bulwarks against that predictable, tried and true enslavement process are 1., Rational thought based on logic and actual science, not fear, and 2., love, not hatred. Oligarchs and their captivity programs cannot stand against them, so they take great pains to passionately eliminate rational thought and love. By capturing belief and behavior carefully and intentionally, the capture of minds and bodies is facilitated so that the capture of resources can be completed.

The internet and the current Propagandemic are new, but the process we are living through, and which every clear-thinking person must struggle against, is as old as human history.

We just celebrated lovers’ day, named after St. Valentine, who wrote a letter before his brutal death which serves as the template for all the tender missives we send to those we love almost two millennia later.

In truth, however, human gullibility and the willingness to be misled and manipulated through illogic and hatred mars the sweet image we have of Valentine’s Day. But it also reminds us that love is what makes us whole, not hatred. Love allows us to see and think clearly and allows us to follow what we know is true.  Hatred makes us easy to control and deceive and gives us the opportunity to be led by convenient lies.

The anniversary of Valentine death, February 14, commemorates his martyrdom in 269 AD. Valentine was Christian priest in Rome (or the Bishop of Terni, Italy – it’s a little unclear). Priest or Bishop, he offended Claudius II, who decreed that Valentine should be executed by being beaten with rods and stones and then beheaded. Before his death, however, Valentine wrote to Claudius’ daughter, signing his letter, “From your Valentine” and, with that letter, curing her blindness. Somehow with that miraculous cure, he became the patron saint of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers.

What happened next is disturbing, but not unfamiliar. That is the problem. Read this report of misplaced, futile, but compelling, hatred during the Black Death and ask yourself if you see any similarities to what you are encountering now. I believe you will.

The Black Death, Bubonic Plague, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, exploded in Europe in 1347. In the next horrifying 5 years, between then and 1352, it killed roughly 60% of Europe’s population (with an 80% case fatality rate). Commonly spread by lice infesting rats and mice, the crowded, filthy cities of Europe provided fertile breeding ground for both pests and plague. Sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, especially in the cities, were abysmal, since people and pests lived in persistent filth and the only population that bathed regularly were Jews, who submersed themselves weekly in a ritual bath. While this may have reduced their lice population, both Jewish and Gentile communities died in massive numbers from the plague.

Although small outbreaks of Bubonic Plague had occurred in small pockets in Europe, Messina, Italy was home to the first major outbreak of plague in Europe in 1347. The Black Death spread rapidly from there.

A terrified population frantically search for something – or someone – they could blame for this devastating disaster. Europe’s Jews, separated and “other”, were a useful target and, given the social norms and theology of the time, a natural choice.

As the disease’s toll rapidly rose, Jews became the target of increasingly savage attacks with large number of Jewish urban dwellers accused of, and killed for, their supposed, unproven, but confidently repeated crime of poisoning the wells of Christians to kill them off.

Despite the fact that Jews, who lived in cramped and unhygienic ghettos, were suffering and dying from the Black Death in equal measure to their Christian neighbors, rational thought fell before irrational terror-driven, manipulated hatred.  The ruling Church and noble classes saw attacking the Jews as a way of acquiring property and misdirecting the anger of the populace from their rulers to a member of an external group.

The manipulation of hatred for economic and political gain was widespread: of the approximately 363 Jewish communities in Europe during this time, Jews were violently attacked and murdered in half of them.

In the German city of Cologne, Jews were locked in a synagogue which was then set ablaze. In, another German city, Mainz, the entire large Jewish community, was murdered in a single day. On January 9, 1349, the entire Jewish population of Basil, Switzerland was herded into the town square and murdered, most by being burned to death, while the good folk of Basil watched. By the end of the day, 10,000 men, women and children were dead.

Antisemitism was not novel when the Black Death hit Europe.  It was so widespread, normalized and virulent. In 1215 Pope Innocent III passed an edict that Jews should wear yellow stars. That should sound depressingly familiar.  When yellow stars made their next widespread appearance, Jews were being accused of responsibility for typhoid in Germany. Now it is COVID as the so-called “Kazazian Mafia”, supposing possessing a specialized, allegedly unique genetic sequence, spreads COVID, to which they are supposedly uniquely immune and pushes dangerous experimental jabs which causes suffering and death in everyone else, but not in them.

Learned protestations that Jews are befouling the water are no more meaningful than those of a specialized genetic sequence protecting them, but not the rest of us, from both COVID and the kill shots. These allegations are technologically more sophisticated, but fundamentally identical, serving the same hateful purpose: a monstrous version of “Divide and Conquer”.

Back to Valentine’s Day and the manipulation of hate: Jews were being massacred, tortured and killed across Europe for their supposed part in the Black Plague. They were abused and killed in Spain, Italy, France, the Low Countries and the Germanic Lands. When Emperor Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, decreed that any property of Jews murdered for the supposed crime of spreading the Plague could be seized by the Christians who killed them, the attacks intensified with the added financial incentive tacked on by the Emperor. Further, any debt owed to a murdered Jew was made null and void, further adding to the financial benefits such slaughter conferred on the slaughterer.

Strasbourg, a city in France, was anxiously anticipating the inevitable arrival of the Black Plague in 1349. Bishop Berthold III preached against Jews but the city’s elected officials, including the mayor and sheriff, along with a local lay leader defended and protected Strasbourg’s Jewish population.

But on February 10, 1349, a Great Reset changed the landscape of protection when a mob overthrew Strasbourg’s elected government, installing their own instead. Backed by nobles, who anticipated having Jewish property to seize, the crowd went wild. Accusing the city’s Jewish population on charges of poisoning Christian wells in order to spread the Black Death, the mob seized the entire Jewish population.

On February 13, 1249, Strasbourg’s Jews were dragged out of their houses, imprisoned and charged with murder. Only those who would convert to Christianity were saved. The city’s mob rulers erected a huge platform inside the Jewish cemetery to hold thousands of people.

On St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1349, Strasbourg executed its entire Jewish population on the basis of an irrational belief that they were somehow immune to the Black Plague and were choosing to spread it to their non-Jewish neighbors by poisoning their wells.

The similarities should be screaming at you right now. Rampant antisemitism, anit-whiteism, anti-Asianism, anti-straightism, anti-jab-free-ism, anti-other-ism is the order of the day with bold, raucous aspersions now sayable in polite company as if such speech, such thoughts, have any place in our society.

As the enormous wooden structure in the Jewish cemetery caught fire, about two thousand people were burned alive over the next two hours.

Once the ashes had cooled sufficiently, the good people of Strasbourg combed them not for survivors, but for loot they could carry away.

All debts owed to any Jew were cancelled and any cash the Jewish community possessed was seized and distributed to the townspeople.

The mass murder of Strasbourg’s Jews and the theft of their property and money was pardoned one month later, en mass, by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. If we are talking about Fauci and Brix and Walensky and our other “leaders”, we would call it an amnesty, not a pardon. Not until they have been charged with the deceit, fraud, dereliction of duty, violation of their Oath of Office and Crimes Against Humanity would we be discussing a pardon. But either an amnesty or a pardon would, in my opinion, be completely egregious since they and their ilk must be held fully accountable for their unspeakable, nearly unthinkably massive crimes against every man, woman and child in this country and on this planet.

Whether you are being groomed (yes, groomed) to hate Whites for their Whiteness or Blacks for the Blackness, Gays for Gayness,  Democrats for their wokeness, Republicans for the Trumpness or Jews for their Jewisness, you are being manipulated to serve the vicious enslavement and genocide of our would-be lords. They are, in my view, totally devoid of genuine allegiance to any nation, religion, belief system, community or ideology other than power and control in the only terms that a psychopath knows and understands: ME and MY perceived interests.

If this were not the case, why would the hate filled, racist screeds pushing this model of reality still be up on YouTube, where anything NOT compliant with the official narrative is censored, according to explicit statements by its CEO? Divisive hate is a tool of the official narrative, and the official narrative is based on the official commitment to your death or enslavement after genetic and neurological modification so that it becomes a part of the Internet of Bodies. Read Agenda 20, now Agenda 2030, translating the joyous jargon into its actual components and you will see why their amazingly audacious plans for total control requires that we do not band together to force the oligarchs off the world stage finally.

Regardless of which group to which it is directed, this hatred card may be the oldest trick in the book.

We do not need separate anthems, rules, communities, values. We need a common understanding that our hatred is being manipulated and manufactured so that we cannot, will not, stand in unity and strength against the monsters come to destroy us.

We belong to different tribes, but we are all bound together by fellow feeling and mutual need for one another as part of the circle of love. The ones we love most dearly and specifically are with us in the center of our own circles. But the rest of humanity, indeed, the rest of existence, stands at some distance or another from you in the center of your circle.  And, standing on that line, radiating out from you, at the center of YOUR circle, is a community of such indescribable value and worth that the loss of any part of it is a loss to the whole.

We are, or we can be, wiser and better than puppets dancing on the strings of hate and mutual distrust and destruction. There are forces (and people) to hate, in my world view. And they are the very ones who are manipulating, injecting, misdirecting, misinforming and sowing dissent and hatred.


[1] ‘Black national anthem’ at Super Bowl: Despicable (wnd.com)

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  1. One common thread is leftism. I realize you may perceive this as more of the same of what you’re fighting, but the Left is orchestrating this… from Holodomor to COVID.

  2. Great essay, you have a ‘great bedside manner’ Rima, and I always enjoy what you have to say, its grounded in wisdom. best and thanks from Oregon

  3. I’ve seen “blame the “Jews” comments on several websites recently. Since I have Jewish family members, this is not something I want to see. Trying to have a discussion with people who post the comments is weird, they can’t understand how they could possibly be wrong.
    I would say it’s like living in the Twilight Zone, but this is real. The left keeps stirring the pot and fools join them.

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