Health Freedom After the SCOTUS Mandate Decisions

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Last week he Supreme Court announced two contradictory decisions which both support freedom of choice and deny it.  In doing so the route is set toward the collapse of our government-controlled health care system. 

While 84 million private company workers were spared the mandated jabs, by a five to four decision the High Court allowed mandates in Federally funded facilities.  This includes VA hospitals and Medicare/Medicaid facilities.  

The American health care system is now at risk of collapse as hundreds of thousands of vaccine-refusing nurses and others make plans to leave their jobs.  Not all is negative:  many of these workers will end up at private hospitals and clinics which are even now seeking more workers, vaccinated or not.

This risk analysis is confirmed by the Biden Regime’s announcement that more National Guard Troops are being assigned to hospitals, continuing the Federal Military take-over of hospital administration.

In the first decision, the OSHA case, the High Court held that the plaintiffs were likely to succeed at trial and overturned the emergency OSHA rule mandating vaccines or weekly testing (at the employee’s expense) for 84 million private employees. This is a significant victory for Health Freedom.

In the second case the government’s “interest” in controlling health care for which taxpayers pay was considered sufficient to allow the rule to proceed.  This means hundreds of thousands of health care workers must now choose between their job or the jab.  Many will prefer unemployment to the risks of the “vaccines” which are demonstratively the most dangerous “vaccines” ever forced on the public. This decision shows us how very fragile the “Health Freedom Majority” is on the Court.

The Federal Regime’s decision to send more troops (mostly National Guard members with health care training) to hospitals must be seen in this context.  Will they be wearing uniforms or will they be ordered to blend-in? We must, indeed, prepare to an unprecedented collapse of the health care system just as the mounting “vaccine” adverse events clog the hospitals and escalate the death rate.

Only the Truth will set us free.

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