Health Keepers: Remember Your Oath!

Liberty’s Nightmare Opens Its Eyes in Arizona
Taking How Many Lives?
How Far Behind is Your State or Country?
What Ever Happened to Informed Consent?
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation,

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You were wrong if you thought that the COVID-19 Plannedemic was nightmare enough, with its

  • Unscientific and dangerously flawed testing,
  • Unscientific and bizarre dust mask/bandanna/tee shirt/chiffon scarf face covering hysteria,
  • Unscientific and awkward “social distancing” rules and sudden,
  • Unnecessary, vast economic destruction of the lower and middle classes’ economic stability.

Not nearly nightmare enough, as it turns out. Now, as they say in Courts of Law, Comes the next phase of terrifying medical tyranny in this horrifying and deadly game of Global Monopoly.

On July 2, 2020 I learned from PPJ Gazette that Arizona had become the first state to implement its Crisis Standards of Care, or CSC. It is important to note that while many other states have CSCs, as of today, Arizona is the only State to have implemented them. And they are, to me as a citizen, a physician, a Health Freedom Advocate and a person who, while in robust good health, would be classified, because of my age (76) as far less worthy than others of resources should I become ill and, God Forbid!, require hospital care.

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