Here We Go Again… WHO Announces The “Marburg Virus”

THURSDAY, AUG 12, 2021 – 08:05 PM

Authored by Simon Black via,

If you’ve been wondering what the next phase of this public health insanity is going to look like, your wait is over.

Introducing… the MARBURG VIRUS.

Earlier this week, as police fanned out across the streets of Paris going table-to-table in cafes to check people’s Covid papers, and as the Australian military deployed to the streets of Sydney to enforce extended lockdowns, the World Health Organization announced a brand new outbreak of the “Marburg Virus” in West Africa.

Marburg is yet another highly infectious virus, and one that the WHO has classified as the highest level biological threat– “Risk Group 4”.

(By comparison, SARS-Cov-2 is a lower, “Risk Group 3” biological agent.)

Marburg comes from the same virus family as Ebola. And, while Covid-1984 has a roughly 1.7% fatality rate according to CDC data, the limited data from the past 20 years of Marburg cases shows a fatality rate of 85%.

One person died from the Marburg virus in Guinea last week, and authorities there estimate that 145 people may have been in contact with him and potentially exposed to the virus.

Here we go again…

Public health policy is starting to look like a never-ending Mobius Strip– where we just go around an endless loop repeating the same things over and over again.

Judging by harsh lockdowns, mask mandates, and police enforcement around the world due to the Delta variant, it looks like it’s April 2020 all over again.

Even places that had some of the most extreme public health protocols, like Australia, have found themselves completely hapless in trying to combat Covid.

Surprise, surprise. It turns out that you can’t wait out a virus. You can’t legislate it away. You can’t make it go away with endless money printing and fiscal stimulus.

Human beings have had to content with influenza for at least eight thousand years. No public health official has ever been able to eradicate it.

In fact the only virus that has ever been officially eradicated (according to the World Health Organization) among the human population is smallpox. But even that’s not actually true because smallpox is still used by terrorists and dictators as a biological weapon.

But that hasn’t stopped public health officials from waging an endless crusade to play whack-a-mole with Covid.

They have seized unconstitutional, dictatorial powers to control nearly every aspect of our lives. Stay home. Wear three masks. Shun human contact. No sex. Take this injection. Face the wall in elevators. Avoid speaking. Don’t ask questions. Obey.

It’s also completely obvious these public health overlords lack any objectivity.

There is almost zero discussion about natural immunity for people who already had Covid. Similarly, there’s very little attention given to the extensive research about treatment options for Covid.

There are mountains of data, for example, across dozens of randomized control trials and peer-reviewed studies involving tens of thousands of patients, demonstrating that the drug Ivermectin is associated with a profoundly superior outcome for Covid-19 patients.

This isn’t some wild conspiracy theory. Here’s one study, for example, on the US government’s National Institutes of Health website.

But that’s never part of the discussion. In fact the Big Tech companies are standing by ready to squash any conversation about treatment.

Twitter, for example, blocked the sharing of a medical study published late last year in the respected European Journal of Medical & Health Sciences because it had positive conclusions about Ivermectin.

Ironically, these public health overlords claim to care so much about people who might potentially fall ill and die.

So wouldn’t it make sense for them to disseminate objective information about medications and treatment options? After all, isn’t it possible that access to information about treatment might have saved some lives?

But talking about medication and treatment doesn’t fit the narrative that these vaccine-brained public health officials are pushing. If you’re not talking about getting an injection, then you’re not allowed to talk. Period.

Delta is now raging, and they’re already talking about the evil new ‘Lambda’ variant. And now, perhaps, the WHO may be starting to prime us for a new round of public health terrorism with the Marburg Virus.

So if you thought the pandemic was over and everything was going back to normal… then I applaud your optimism. But think again.

Given the public health response to the Delta variant, plus these new pathogenic threats that may be coming, it’s possible that there may be a new wave of lockdowns, travel restrictions, school closures, mask mandates, and more.

Obviously I have no crystal ball, and am in no way trying to be alarmist. But it’s worth considering– if governments begin to impose quarantines once again, where would you want to be?

Last year Covid took most people by surprise. But if it happens again, this time around we have the benefit of experience. We know their playbook and how they’re going to react.

So it certainly makes sense to think about lockdowns, quarantines, and overall public health insanity when considering your Plan B options.


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