Horowitz: As vaccinated COVID hospitalizations soar, government blocks the one option that works


Any thinking person should be asking why our government is not doing more to make the monoclonal antibodies more available as people get sick with this virus at record levels. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been inundated with emails from people who say the testing requirements and limited hours of operations made them lose critical days in the battle against the illness. When you know the answer to this riddle, you will then comprehend why the same players are vociferously against any form of preventive and early outpatient treatment.

Until now, any discussion of treatment methods was dismissed by the trite argument, “Just get vaccinated and you will be fine.” That canard never properly addressed those who can’t get the vaccine, nor did it explain why there was a complete blackout on treatment even before the vaccines were widely available in January. However, now, with surging hospitalization rates among the vaccinated population, especially those most at risk of dying from this virus, the entire argument — and indeed strategy behind a vaccine-centric focus — is obsolete and needlessly killing thousands of people.

To begin with, the vaccine never stopped transmission — indeed, the virus is spreading more than ever in highly vaccinated areas. However, we were promised it would protect from serious illness. Well, a friend of my wife in Houston — a cancer survivor — was mugged by reality last week when she came down with the virus after receiving the Pfizer shots in March. She was getting sicker, and thankfully I got her connected with one of the few competent doctors who treats the virus outpatient. She also got the monoclonal antibodies (after being forced to get a prescription for it in Texas), which she never heard of until I told her about the treatment. She was able to avoid the hospital, but thousands of vaccinated and unvaccinated — who do not have access to the amazing doctors I’ve come to know — aren’t so lucky.

On July 7, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan accused the unvaccinated of spreading the virus, announced an unverifiable statistic that 100% of the COVID deaths were among the unvaccinated, and then proceeded to offer people false hope. “If you have not gotten your vaccine, the virus and its variants are a dangerous threat to you,” Hogan said. Well, fast-forward two months, and now the truth comes out that already in June, vaccinated people were getting seriously ill from the virus. According to WBAL, “Illness and hospitalizations are increasing rapidly among fully vaccinated people.” Over the past few months, about 30% of hospitalized patients in Anne Arundel County were fully vaccinated, and the numbers have been running between 30% and 40% in neighboring Howard County.

The critical point here is not the exact number, but the trend. Every day this goes on, more of the earlier-vaccinated people experience a complete waning of the injection-induced antibodies. A volunteer ambulance service in the northwest Baltimore area said that “the number of requests for monoclonal antibodies … has skyrocketed” and that “the majority of patients who have come for monoclonal antibody infusions have been fully vaccinated” (emphasis added).

Now, suddenly Gov. Hogan is pushing booster shots for the elderly and immunocompromised. But those were the people for whom the vaccine was needed most. And nobody will answer the simple question as to how a booster of a vaccine for an already-evolved virus will work for even a few months this time.

West Virginia’s liberal Republican governor, Jim Justice, who spent the past few months shaming people for not getting vaccinated, has now conceded that vaccinated hospitalizations are increasing much quicker over the past eight weeks.

We are already seeing this in other countries as well, following in Israel’s path, where the majority of those hospitalized with COVID are fully vaccinated. In Ireland, a total of 54% are fully vaccinated.

Worst of all, COVID deaths are beginning to seep back into nursing homes, despite nearly all the residents being vaccinated. They are being misled with a false sense of security and no proactive treatment or preventives to protect them.

Now that the vaccines are no longer working and the mass vaccination appears to have made the virus worse through a leaky vaccine syndrome known as “the imperfect vaccine hypothesis,” why are we all not uniting behind early treatment? Notice how no other governor aside from Ron DeSantis is even promoting the monoclonal antibodies, much less making them more accessible and telling everyone to get treated on day one. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from my show listeners who complain they can’t access the monoclonal treatments for various reasons in some states. Why would our government not make sure every American is as inundated with information about the monoclonals as they are with information about the vaccines that are already obsolete?

There are no good answers to this question that do not reveal a very dark and sinister motivation. But the answer is likely related to why the government-medical establishment has declared war on all early treatments and has refused to approve outpatient antibiotics and steroids for treatment, much less ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and several dozen other promising therapeutics. By ensuring that there is zero approved outpatient treatment, our government has trapped nearly every American who has not been infected – vaccinated and unvaccinated – into a death trap in the overrun hospitals. And that seems to be exactly where they want us.

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