How Important is Your Health Freedom?

How Important is Your Freedom, Your Health Freedom? Especially NOW? We are Facing the Most Important Moment Health Freedom Has Ever Known. Please read this special letter from Dr. Rima and respond as quickly and strongly as you can.

Take action NOW to keep Natural Solutions Foundation in the Informed Consent battle so we can continue to fight for your Health Freedom. SUPPORT US HERE:

All freedom rests on Health Freedom. And Health Freedom rests on Informed Consent.

Who owns your body, your mind, your DNA? Who, in essence, owns YOU? If you understand that you do, then you understand Health Freedom. Now ask yourself, “How important Health Freedom is to me?” What are you willing to do – and to give – to protect your Right of Informed Consent?

These are the most important questions facing you, me and the rest of humanity today. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Klaus Schwab and the rest of our would-be masters have one answer. Natural Solutions Foundation has a very different one — but we won’t win this war if we back off now.

The slavery/fear/jab narrative is breaking down all over the world so the Globalists are doubling down to hold their censorship and control in place.

‘The Man’ wants us jabbed, sick, censored and subservient. One of our most vital tools is the ability to share truth to counter their lies. They own the legacy media and use it against us. But people are hungry for truth and eager to shout that truth to power. So our email list is huge and growing, allowing us to spearhead the Health Freedom fight for Informed Consent.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the cost of maintaining and using that list is more than we can afford because we can no longer sell you the wonderful Nano Silver that supported your both your health and your Health Freedom at the same time.

You see, FDA accused us, we believe wrongfully, of making forbidden “health claims” about our Nano Silver and sued us in Federal Court. The cost of defending what we believe was well within our rights to say under the First Amendment was more than we could afford.  We therefore signed a Consent Decree admitting no wrong doing but agreeing that we would not do what we believe we did not do and also agreeing as well that if we sold any supplements, it would be under FDA supervision.

That supervision is crushingly expensive and so we have been forced out of that marketplace, removing our primary source of financial support to wage your Health Freedom battle and ours. You can still obtain the Advance Vaccine Directive Card, ebooks and other health freedom tools at

Look, you know who we are, and you know what we do. We do not have to tell you that Natural Solutions Foundation IS the vanguard of Health Freedom all over the world.

Because of that, we have been selectively attacked during our entire 18 years of existence. This latest attack is the most devastating financially so far. Clearly, we must be doing quite a lot right!

We have several choices and some of them are really awful: We can slink off into the night and watch from the sidelines as we all surrender our Health Freedom rights. Clearly, this is not an acceptable choice.

We can reduce the size of our mailing list by asking people to re-opt in to shrink it, and thus shrink the cost of maintaining the list. This is poor choice at the very moment when we need every voice we can mobilize to fight the onslaught of jabs and limits and lies which we are facing world-wide.

Or we can ask every member of our huge list to make a regular contribution on a regular basis. $10 a month? $5 dollars a month? $25 a month? $50 a month? Pledge what you can, but pledge something. What is your health freedom worth to you? Pledge that. Use Paypal’s Friends and Families payment here, so that your entire contribution supports Health Freedom. Set it up as a recurring, automatic payment. Become a Health Freedom Advocate.

We cannot afford to lose each other right now. You need Natural Solutions Foundation and Natural Solutions Foundation needs you.

We are all in this together, facing an urgent and crippling financial crisis that all of us, together, can solve so that we can continue to reach, teach, research and support our most basic freedom: Health Freedom.

Give now and give as if your life depends on it.  It does.  Here’s the link where you can pledge your continuing support.

Of course, we are happy to accept one-time gifts, but recurring ones are absolutely essential to our survival.

Here’s some background: 18 years ago General Bert and I closed our practice of drug-free medicine in New York to commit ourselves to derailing the coming pandemic and jab mandates along with the rest of the Globalist agenda.  We read their documents and they told us they would introduce pandemics, mandate killer shots, end personal liberty and destroy private property and private lives. And they are as good as their word – and as bad as their promises.

Before he was killed, General Bert said, “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21St Century”: he could not have been more correct.

Health Freedom, squarely based in Informed Consent, requires diligence, perseverance, strategy and communications. Counsel Ralph and I donate our diligence, our perseverance and our strategic skills but communication costs money.

Right now, because donations are massively reduced over a year or two ago and because the Consent Decree we signed with FDA effectively removes our ability to provide our signature product, Nano Silver, we are hurting badly. The timing could not be worse since this is the precise moment when the defining battles for our ability to survive as free people rather than transhuman AI serfs are being fought.

Surely this assault is no coincidence.

The false narratives are falling apart. Resistance is anything but futile and it is happening all over the world, just as we told you it would — massive demonstrations in hundreds of cities weekly.  Millions of people in the streets around the world. Fear-induced compliance is no longer an option. Immediate action is needed.

Pledge your support to Natural Solutions Foundation here so we can continue to support your health freedom and Right of Informed Consent. Become one of the Health Freedom Advocates.

Pledge your support here:

If you don’t do it, who will?

Thank you for your love of freedom.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS: The ugly truth is, unless the Health Freedom Movement overwhelms the globalist elite soon even more people with die, supply lines will collapse, social order will collapse, education, commerce, political structures, law enforcement, health services, all will shred and then people will be herded into their cities. People will be injected and transfected with hideous consequences which we are already seeing.

The US President promised Americans a “Dark winter of sickness and death.” and that is exactly what the globalist elite have planned for the entire world.

Join us and become an Advocate for Health Freedom

Act now or accept the consequences.

Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph.

4 thoughts on “How Important is Your Health Freedom?

  1. I can order any nano silver supplement online right now, even on Amazon. Why haven’t these products been banned from retailers that have them? Something else is wrong here that we’re not being told about.

      1. Lack of proper advertising could be the problem. To cover legal issues many natural products sold must include the phrase “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease “.

  2. No surrender, the fight must go on, by every possible means. Under Human Rights / Protected rights there are valid ethical objections to experimental ‘treatments’ for those who hold genuine Personal Beliefs against genetic engineering, aborted fetal cell-lines, and all lab testing on animals. Download, sign and retain your #Reverence4all Declaration as evidence of Personal Beliefs, if needed to fight future coercion. No fuss, No ceremony, No charge.

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