How to Live Comfortably in the Third Eye

Transmission from General Bert
How to Live Comfortably in the Third Eye
24 September 2021

This is an excerpt from a recent Transmission from General Bert.

You ask me to teach you how to live in the Third Eye, the way I do, comfortably.

The answer is very simple: feel what you feel and trust what you feel.

Sometimes you will feel into the less likely probability ribbon or something else will get in the way and you will get the ‘wrong answer’ from the point of view of the particular ribbon that you are on at that moment.

But sometimes the thing that tells you that it is right is that your entire body pays attention and gives you signals. There is a huge difference between the rushes of fear or trepidation or caution and the rushes of confirmation which have the valence of joy. You do not need much to know what it is about.

Just a moment of introspection and a moment of honesty.

You could convince yourself using only your head that what I am saying is bull shit. But afterwards, your heart would still be unsettled even though your mind might be fine with it.

This is a matter of the heart springing into action. Make room between thoughts to touch your heart and listen to it. It is so rarely wrong that it should be listened to all the time. But we do not raise children in our schools to make a school decision based on their hearts. We push them further and further from it until eventually, and not too long after the child starts school, the total lack of imagination becomes normative.

We are making robots out of most people, but we are doing it inefficiently because we have trouble being totally cold hearted.

So what it takes to live in the Third Eye is a willingness to float in possibilities and rarely having a full confirmation that someone outside of the situation would agree is an incontrovertible reality that could not have been anything else and is so improbable that, no matter how smart you are, would not have guessed the improbable reality that just happened.

So the answer to the Third Eye is listen, trust and, most of all, feel.

Do not eliminate because of this or that or the other thing. If AN ANSWER COMES UP, LET IT BE THERE. Do not self-censor. We are good at that, but you have to be willing to look foolish and be totally wrong. If you are, you are. It either means that the information was wrong or that it was right but that you wound up on another fractal. And that makes linear minded people incredibly wrong and incredibly right at the same time.

And, here is the kicker, there is absolutely no way to be sure if the information was right or was wrong since every possibility that you can think of and an infinitude of the ones that you cannot think of has already happened on some probability ribbon or other.

Did you get a glimpse of the future, or did you get it wrong? Both. And that is not good for linear thinking to bring in.

I love the perplexity and ambiguity. Yes, the wrong is right and the right is wrong, and both are wrong and both are right because the question is, which reality do you get to experience in full and not just as probability minutes?

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