3 thoughts on “Be Inspired: Video of World Wide Demonstration #4

  1. This is the essence of an email I wrote to an alleged doctor and intellectual who was commenting on mandates. In this one I explain what an actual lawful mandate is:
    Your assumptions about mandated vaccinations are incorrect, by definition.
    A mandate is where a group of people empower another-the government, a
    contractor, an authority, whomever, but one capable of delivering whatever
    service is required-to carry out a task on behalf of the authorising group,
    this being the entire electorate, perhaps. When Scott Morrison said that
    vaccinations would not be mandatory, he was correct, in a slippery sort of
    way, because the people of this country have not asked the government to
    make people get vaccinated. Daniel Andrews ‘mandating’ vaccinations is not
    on, and not lawful, because he does not have that power, except by the fact
    that he is able, via control of the mechanisms-the police, etc-to force/coerce
    vaccinations and whatever else dictator Dan chooses to “order.” To do this is
    unlawful, and also a breach of contract, because the lawful, Constitutional
    contract is for the incumbent government of the day deliver “…peace, order
    and good government.” The Constitutional Heads of Power are granted subject
    to this condition. If Daniel Andrews has no power to mandate anything, then
    he has no power. If the people acquiesce to Daniel’s bluff, then Daniel has won,
    and the people, by their ignorance (to be ignorant simply means: to not know)
    are none the wiser. It is best that people always consult the legal dictionaries-
    Black’s Law, Bouvier’s, etc. Do not give up your power. Especially via ignorance,
    because it is not necessary for anyone to be ignorant, given that we allegedly
    live in the INFORMATION AGE.

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