I Will Not Comply Declaration




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Sign the Universal Declaration of Non Compliance and share it with everyone you can think of, using every means you can think of to do it. It’s Universal because everyone, everywhere in the world is invited to sign. ALL of us will not comply.

No Masks, No Mandates, No Victimization of Children, No Phony Baloney Pseudoscience, No Digital IDs and Surveillance, None of It. No.

Watch my introductory video:  https://clipchamp.com/watch/11AV1ZxAVOl

The legislators and administrators who want to force us into compliance with unjust, unnecessary, unlawful and just plain stupid (e.g., “Masking? for a supposed VIRUS? What substance, legal or illegal have you been smoking?”) orders have to hear it from us: We WILL NOT COMPLY.

No, and Hell NO!

It is urgently important that you sign AND that you share, urging others to do the same. Only by massive non-compliance will we push back the tyrants.

And, if you want to throw something into the hat, here, LINK for Donations, that would be most appreciated. Anything over $75 receives a Tax deduction receipt in the US.

Sure, we would love some financial help and if you can give it, great! But I urge you to sign the Universal Declaration of Non-Compliance whether you toss something into the hat, buy us a cup of coffee or a new printer or not. We are the only ones who can make this go away, and pushback is our freedom tool.

Yours in health and non-compliant freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS:  Share with this link: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/i-will-not-comply-declaration/

7 thoughts on “I Will Not Comply Declaration

  1. I did not comply the first time and I certainly will not this time. I will fight against this genocide till my last breath!

  2. I did not comply the first time and will never comply with tyranny.
    Our governor (Dewine- OH) told people they could not have Easter.
    Our family had Easter. Just 23 of us got together (usually 35-48 of us do) and we worshipped our Risen Lord and enjoyed our time together.
    I only wore a mask 4 times – I had to go to the BMV twice for my aunt’s estate and could not enter without one. I put one on, but I made sure it did not fit snugly and that it was open at the top. I ripped it off before I got to the doors leading out. I also had to wear one both times I went to see my 85 year old dad in the hospital (he’d had a mini stroke) and took it off inside his room. No one said anything to me.
    I got together with family and friends who were not living in fear. We hugged. We sat close together. We shared food. We stayed healthy and had a good time.
    My husband and I went out to a state nature park near our home and it was so busy we had to park on the grass! We walked trails and spoke with other freedom-loving compatriots. NO ONE had on a mask! Hundreds of people were there.
    I did NOT alter my life or stop living my life as normal. Anytime anyone asked me where was my mask I responded with, “I can’t wear one”. They assumed it was medical; I meant it as being a free and not in fear American. I will continue to live free.
    I am grandma and I did not stop seeing or keeping any of my many grandchildren.
    No fear.
    No compliance.
    No giving in to tyranny.

  3. I did not comply the last time around and shore ain’t gunna give up and cave in this time. I have a perfact record and intend to keep it that way.

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