Immunity: It’s What Your Body Does

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Read this Epoch Times article. In clear, simple, non-technical language it explains what Natural Immunity is, why it works, the facts about vaxxed reinfection (“breakthrough infection”) and more. 

The narrative is falling apart, but the pressure to take the dangerous, unnecessary, and, as it turns out, infection-inducing jabs is increasing. Truth in this propaganda war was, as so often, the first victim and, at least in the mouths of the opposition, Truth has not recovered.

Authorities like the New York State Department of Health Director admitted lying week.

She lied about the pediatric COVID threat to frighten parents into jabbing their children. At about the same time, Fauci said that US hospitals are “overcounting” the number of children in hospitals for COVID. So those numbers are a lie, too.

What this means is that the would-be controllers are more and more desperate so we need Truth and real science, not political science that has been whored out to a wallet, more than ever. And that is what Natural Solutions Foundation does for you.

Articles and information like this one give you the verified, and verifiable, information that you need to make good Informed Consent choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Once you are finished with this excellent read, I would like you to do two simple things:

First, share this article on social media and by email. It is clear, factual and myth-busting. You could save lives by sharing it, given how dangerous the alternatives are.

Second, help Natural Solutions Foundation continue its work by using this link,, to set up a monthly contribution.

There’s a paradox here, you see: we work for free, but we have significant costs to maintain this web site, our email list and Telegram presence. And we need you, the people whose freedom we work to protect, to join the team with your financial support — your regular financial support. Now more than ever before.

We are not a membership organization: we work on the honor system: we need your support now more than ever. Supporters who give us regular donations make it possible for us to anticipate our budget and expand the battle.

Give generously because 2022 because the beast we are facing is getting desperate and will gear up its activities. Health Freedom, and the Right of Informed Consent, are going to face even more battles. We need to be ready.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS – Here is the article:

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