Institute Amicus Brief Contra Biden Fed Mandate Executive Order

Amicus Brief to the Fifth Circuit — Executive Order 14043
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Case heading to Supreme Court?

—– Original Article: 23 February 2022 —–

LH Becraft, Esq, one of our favorite lawyers, has submitted an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Institute supporting an injunction against Head of the Regime Biden’s Executive Order mandating vaccines for federal employees, without any explicit Congressional authorization.  Not only does Executive Order 14043 violate the universal right of Informed Consent and the terms of the Emergency Use Authorization law but it also violates the principle that the Executive may not legislate.  That is the point that our Brief raises.

“The Institute for Health Research is an exempt nongovernmental organization located in the States of New Jersey and Texas, and its Trustee and President is Ralph Fucetola, J.D., and its other Trustee is Dr. Rima Laibow, its Medical Director. The Institute advocates for natural solutions to human health problems, as opposed to the use of vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and other unnatural interventions. The Institute seeks to help the public to prevent disease and strengthen immunity and health through providing information covering studies, protocols, and information on dietary supplements and other natural products.

Compelled vaccination through governmental force represents the exact scenario that the Institute for Health Research seeks to discourage and prevent, in the interest of the bodily integrity of all individuals. Since this case involves compelled vaccinations, the Amicus desires to point out for this court two legal propositions related to the primary issue in this appeal.”


“This case concerns the principle that executive officials cannot exercise legislative powers and the common law origins of this principle clearly affect this court’s decision of this appeal. This principle was developed at the common law and that legal history as well as relevant state decisional authorities certainly should be considered when this court decides this appeal.”


“This proposition applies to President Biden who has unlawfully exercised legislative powers that belong to Congress by issuing Executive Order 14043.


The district court’s grant of a preliminary injunction should be affirmed.”

Here is the Brief:  Filed amicus Feds for Med Freedom

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