International tribunal wants government to stop vaccinating residents

International tribunal wants government to stop vaccinating residents

By Elesha George

A group of 25 judges in four continents around the world have formed a Tribunal of Conscience that has issued an immediate cease-and-desist order on the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice comprises doctors and health practitioners who claim that the Covid-19 vaccine somehow alters the immune system and that exposure to the vaccine is detrimental to others.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, the tribunal’s designated Coordinating Judge, says it is the sixth cease and desist order that they have served on governments in the Caribbean regarding the use of Covid-19 vaccines.

He said they served the order on Antigua and Barbuda following “requests from residents and citizens of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda”.

The tribunal believes that the Covid jab is being used as a “bio weapon” to infect unvaccinated people and that by using it, the government is facilitating Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

The group’s position is that vaccination goes against the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which bans war crimes and genocides.

By terming the Covid vaccination as a bio weapon, the group believes that there is a case of genocide and crimes against humanity that leaders must answer to.

“Our tribunal issued a 108-page indictment on November, 14, 2020. We held a virtual trial on November, 29, 2020 and part of the final verdict and judgement issued a world-wide ban on all Covid vaccinations,” Webre shared.

Tribunals of Conscience focus on the moral judgment of humanity in situations where official bodies have either failed to hold violators of human rights to account or have been themselves the perpetrators of horrific acts. It is not the same as an international legal tribunal and instead provides an alternative forum for those who find no recourse in the formal institutions of the state or the international community.

This particular tribunal was established to hold the perpetrators accountable for what the Tribunal found to be the “Genocidal Technologies Pandemic”.

The basis of the tribunal’s claim is that all 123 nations which have ratified the statute are guilty of facilitating those crimes.

Webre referred to the vaccines as “experimental” and insists that they have not been fully approved for use.

However, Director of Pharmaceuticals in Antigua and Barbuda, Michael Joseph, explained to Observer that approving the vaccines for emergency use does not mean that the vaccines are used as experiments, but rather that their development has been prioritised because of the global pandemic.

He also said that Covid-19 vaccines go through the same process as other vaccines with the exception of having less paperwork to hinder the process. Those vaccines authorised for emergency use are in the stage four phase, which means that information about how it spreads and mutates is still being learnt.

Meanwhile, the tribunal has issued a cease-and-desist order on the governments of St Kitts and Nevis and Grenada. The leaders in both of those countries say they do not recognise the authority of the group or its document.

While the tribunal has no legal grounds to prosecute, Webre tells Observer that in the past, leaders have acted upon their documentation to charge persons that the tribunal indicted.

Webre says a tribunal once indicted former UK prime minister Tony Blair and George W Bush for war crimes and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He said between 2011 and 2012 when they made the judgment, Blair travelled to South Africa where an archbishop used a copy of the tribunal’s judgement and told prosecutors in South Africa to arrest the former prime minister on the basis of the tribunal’s judgement.

“The South African prosecutors went ahead to take action to arrest and prosecute Tony Blair on the basis of that, and Tony Blair had to flee the country,” he said.

Webre added that “if there are jurisdictions around the world who take our application of international law seriously and those with civil law authorities, well, yes, they have taken our application seriously and have done so”.

The letter, dated April, 26, 2021 and was issued to Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

 “You Are Hereby Ordered To Immediately Comply With The Tribunal’s Final Judgment On Vaccinations. The Tribunal’s Final Judgments can be enforced under Natural Law and Common Law and through the Universal Jurisdiction to enforce Genocide and Crimes against humanity in your jurisdiction granted to National and International Courts by Natural and Common Law and by the International Criminal Court Statute, ratified by 123 Nations”, it read.

The tribunal claims that failure to comply with its final judgments will result in implementation of the tribunal’s penalties, which include the forfeiture of all personal financial and real property owned by the defendants and imprisonment without parole.

Observer was unable to verify whether the Prime Minister Browne had received the stop order before the publication of this article.



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