Inventor of mRNA Vaxx: It’s not working as we intended, it’s settling in the ovaries! Do not take!

Did you know the INVENTOR of the mRNA vaccine is a guy named Robert Malone?

Did you know that Robert Malone has now gone on record very vocally saying that he initially took the mRNA vaccine and gave it to his family but now he regrets it?

You see, he is admitting the “vaccine” is not working as the intended.

In fact, he’s not just admitting it, he’s shouting it from the rooftops.

The vaxx appears to be concentrating in the ovaries and in other major organs.

This was never supposed to happen and it’s extremely troubling.

Malone now says knowing what he knows now, he regrets taking the vaxx and would NOT do it again if he could do it over.


Take a look:






This will probably be deleted from YouTube soon:




Natural immunity is TWENTY TIMES stronger and better than the “vaxx”:


Dr. Richard Fleming agrees:



You can watch two full interviews right here on Rumble and listen for yourself:

And here on Rumble:

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