Is this Proof the Covid Jab Programme is Genocide?

Months ago I suggested that the reason why some of those being jabbed with the covid-19 injection were suffering far speedier, deadly reactions than others, might be because the experimental covid-19 toxic stuff had been accidentally injected straight into a vein.

I felt that this might explain why so many people were developing severe problems within minutes or hours of being jabbed. I specifically mentioned myocarditis (a side effect which I had previously reported in a video made in December 2020).

It used to be normal practice when giving an injection to make sure that the tip of the needle wasn’t in a blood vessel. All the jabber has to do is to pull back on the syringe a little to make sure that no blood is withdrawn into the barrel of the syringe. This takes a second or two longer than just jabbing away without checking.

The reason for checking is that drugs react at different speeds according to the way they are given. If a drug is given by mouth it will take longer to work than if it is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. And a drug which goes straight into the blood stream acts more immediately than anything. Indeed, in emergencies, doctors will inject straight into the heart in order to produce a very rapid response.

But the authorities in the UK (and I suspect elsewhere) apparently decreed that jabbers should not check to see if the needle was in a vein. They told doctors and nurses (and others) to just stick the needle into an arm, depress the plunger and call the next patient.

On 31st August I wrote that those in charge of the covid-19 roll out had told those giving injections NOT to check to see if the tip of the needle was in a blood vessel. And I pointed out again that I had previously expressed the view that injecting into a blood vessel could be deadly.

In America, the advice from the CDC is that aspiration (checking to see if the needle is in a blood vessel) is not necessary `because a process that includes aspiration might be more painful for infants’.

However, covid-19 jab is not yet authorised for infants.

I have just discovered evidence which proves that my fear was correct and which appears to me to prove that the authorities knew that by NOT checking to see if the needle was in a vessel they would increase the danger of a serious reaction to the covid-19 jab.

A study done on mice by clinical scientists at Munich University in Germany, together with an Institute in Italy, found that the likelihood of severe adverse events could be greater if the covid jab was injected straight into a blood vessel.

A preprint of this study was available back on 3rd July 2021.

For moral reasons I don’t approve of or usually quote experiments on animals.

But these results are incredibly important and cannot be overlooked.

The British Government should have known about this risk back in July.

And since I have, all along, argued that injecting covid-19 jab directly into a blood vessel was a very real risk, and would explain why some individuals were more speedily affected than others, it is difficult to believe that the Government’s scientists weren’t also aware of this risk.

My only conclusion is that this is yet more evidence that the roll out of the experimental covid-19 jab is part of a deliberate programme of genocide.

At the very least, the authorities should have conducted a trial to check this risk. Indeed, they should have warned those giving injections to aspirate to make sure that they weren’t about to inject straight into a blood vessel.

As far as I know they haven’t done either of these things.

In my view that is criminal neglect.

Why wouldn’t they take care to reduce the risk of serious damage being done?

I can think of only one reason.

Because they wanted to maximise the number of individuals being killed or seriously injured.

How much longer are people going to allow this to continue?


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