It’s Not Just The Narrative That’s Collapsing, It’s The Vaxxed Themselves

An Analysis of Numerous Shocking Videos Of Disturbing Collapses

Matt, March 3rd 2022

Heather McDonald collapsed on stage, fracturing her skull. This happened at perhaps the most absurd moment ever for a comedian…as she delivered her punchline. More absurd still, she was delivering a punchline about HOW HER THREE COVID VACCINES PROTECTED HER. She even said, owing to her shots, and the way she never got covid, “Jesus loves me the most!” The timing was so strange that were not these incidents so common lately it might have seemed a Chaplinesque pratfall. (Indeed, on a longer version of the video the audience laughs hysterically as she falls since clearly they believed it part of the bit.)

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Breaking:Heather McDonald live footage collapsing on stage & fracturing her skull while telling a joke about having all her shots, still having her period,& Jesus loves her most. Despite her making these bad jokes, we still hope she makes a full recovery.

Fortunately, Heather is okay….but the timing was so eerie and so in contrast to the message she was trying to convey that the video went viral. Indeed, I’d suggest it also went viral because the one overarching feature of this pandemic is COGNITIVE DISSSONANCE. For those who are awake COGNITIVE DISSONANCE HAPPENS DAILY since what we’re being told—for example that the vaccines are SAFE AND EFFECTIVE—CONTRASTS IN EVERY WAY WITH WHAT WE WITNESS WITH OUR OWN EYES.

Heather went on to get “a multi-million dollar workup.” In the interview with Dr. Drew below she also mentions her collapse happened THREE WEEKS TO THE DAY AFTER GETTING HER VACCINE. Incidental? Doubtful.

Even Dr. Drew, who is very pro-vaccine, admits in the video below he is seeing MANY PATIENTS WITH SIMILAR SYMPTOMS 2-3 WEEKS AFTER GETTING THE SHOT. Dr. Drew goes on to point out he has a friend WHO CANNOT WALK ACROSS THE ROOM after his booster. He further refers to what happened to Heather as syncope, which John Hopkins indicates can be serious, in certain cases even functioning as a warning sign prior to “sudden cardiac death.”

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comedian Heather McDonald talks to Dr. Drew about collapsing on stage three weeks after booster. Dr. Drew suspects side effects #VaccineSideEffects #COVID19 #heathermcdonald #drdrew #COVID #vaccines #PlandemicGameOver #PandemicGameOver

Again, you can argue this is all random. People collapse every day. Sure, but that doesn’t explain the way THESE INCIDENTS SEEM TO BE HAPPENING WITH INCREASING FREQUENCY TO HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS SHORTLY AFTER OBTAINING THE JAB.

Still skeptical?


Chelsea Handler recently cancelled her Vaxxed and Horny Tour ON THE SAME DAY HEATHER MCDONALD COLLAPSED.

Chelsea is HOSPITALIZED FOR AN UNSPECIFICED REASON. Obviously everyone wishes her well, but the fact that she doesn’t give a cause for her hospitalization is suspicious. Worse still, she SPECIFICALLY STATES IT IS NOT COVID.

Chelsea is a healthy comedian so if it is not covid and it requires sudden hospitalization WHAT ON EARTH COULD IT BE?

Presuming it is vaccine-related, she’s certainly incentivized NOT TO MENTION IT. After all her tour is called Vaxxed and Horny. I doubt Chelsea is eager to rename her tour VAXXED AND HOSPITALIZED FOR AN UNSPECIFIED REASON.

The latest update on her situation is she is okay, thankfully, but Page Six reports she intends to “chill out for a few weeks to recover.” As a comedian myself I can attest that this IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Something needs to be seriously wrong for a comedian to miss gigs, since most of us are adrenaline junkies who crave the spotlight. This is doubly so if on a major tour. Could it be unrelated to the vaccine? Of course. But I wouldn’t bet the house on it!


In the field of comedy there are many other cases that ARE LIKELY VACCINE-RELATED. Bob Saget, for instance, had his booster a few weeks before he died. A medical report said he had a severe head injury—multiple head fractures— but WHAT CAUSED THIS HEAD INJURY? DID HE COLLAPSE FROM SYNCOPE? WERE OTHER VACCINE-RELATED ISSUES PART OF THE EQUATION?

Remember Dr. Drew said he’s seeing this syncope two-three weeks after the booster shot. Incidentally, this is time period Bob Saget got his booster, according to an article in Poynter. Even more suspicious is the way his family has taken legal action to block the release of records from the investigation of his death.

No one can prove conclusively the vaccine caused Saget’s death. That said, Saget definitely seemed very healthy and fit and was in great shape for 65. He was not someone you expected to drop dead suddenly. I think it’s safe to say, as Marcellus put it in Hamlet, that something is most likely “rotten in the state of Denmark.”

And that’s not even accounting for all the other recent comedian cases, Louie Anderson dying of lymphoma, Kathy Griffin acquiring lung cancer, Trevor Moore, from The Whitest Kids U Know, dying of head trauma at 41 etc. The list goes on. Some may say this is merely anecdotal evidence and likely proves confirmation bias. Perhaps. But how about all the examples in other arenas?


Exhibit D is an Austrian MP collapsing in front of parliament on October 12, 2021. Incidentally, this same woman told her IG followers “Trust in the results and tests of science.” Yikes! Talk about eating your own words!

That’s not the only Austrian fiasco. Here’s a man fainting live during an Austrian news broadcast.

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(Part 3/8) Man faints live on air during Austrian news broadcast

Or how about this German TV interviewer pushing for vaccine mandates in a timely fashion. Wow! Just as she pushes this narrative, the narrative itself knocks her off her feet. Scary!

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+++ Breaking +++ German TV interviewer pushes for sooner enforcement of generel vax mandate, then collapses live on air due to climate change. @claudisbest

Still not convinced? Well, what do you make of this nurse, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who in December 2020 collapsed DIRECTLY AFTER GETTING HER VACCINE ON LIVE TV?

Nothing to see here. It’s all totally random. Safe and effective, right?


As if all the above was not enough, countless professional athletes have been collapsing during competition. A stunning montage of hundreds of such examples can be found on Rumble here. These incidents seems to take place in all age groups and sports categories.

The fact checkers and MSM try to dispute the connection. Outlets such as YouTube and Twitter, of course, censor this content. Then, too, when an athlete like John Stockton speaks out about it he gets fact checked and harassed.

Never mind all that. When you see these collapses LIVE in all aspects of contemporary life: on news broadcasts, in government, in sports, in healthcare…with increasing frequency…it is HARD TO IGNORE THE OBVIOUS REALITY.

THESE VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS. The way countless individuals have passed out suddenly, often fatally, is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Some go into cardiac arrest, others crack a skull, or seem POSSESSED BY A DEMON.

None of this is normal. No amount of fact checkers, no hoity-toity doctors, no FDA or CDC pronouncements can convince us otherwise.

They can hound us, belittle us, take our jobs, strip us of our rights, and censor our point of view, but it won’t change an essential fact: WE KNOW THE SCORE. These gene therapy products ARE UNSAFE. The public got SCAMMED. Mandating these horrible products WAS WRONG SCIENTIFICALLY AND ETHICALLY. It also was a VIOLATION OF OUR BASIC CIVIL LIBERTIES. Don’t let them distract you with the war in Ukraine. It’s time the responsible parties pay for what are clearly CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.



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