Leaked Footage: Graphene Hydroxide Nano-Razorblades – Dark Field Microscopy

By Dr. Ariyana Love

This video was leaked from an anonymous source on December 3rd, just days after the untimely death of Dr. Andreas Noack.

Dr. Noack was the world’s leading expert on carbon engineering and Graphene.

The video below has German subtitles and very well may be from Dr. Noack’s work. You can clearly see thousands or millions of Graphene Hydroxide specs. When zoomed in under the Dark Field Microscope, the Graphene Hydroxide does indeed look just like razor blades.

Please watch to the end.


Dr. Noack blew the whistle about two weeks ago with a video explaining how he found nano-razorblades called Graphene Hydroxide, in the Pfizer “vaccine” serum. He warned us that these nano-razorblades are cutting up the inside lining of the blood vessels of the “vaccinated”. They destroy the heart, brain and cardiovascular system. Dr. Noack said that any doctor who injects them with knowledge of this issue, is a murderer.

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Source:  ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/12/10/leaked-footage-graphene-hydroxide-nano-razorblades-dark-field-microscopy/

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