Live Blood Cell Analysis Post COVID Jab

Are We Seeing the Results of the Spike Protein Jab?

German language posting on Open Source Truth:

Google translation

“I have a friend who is a nutrition microscopist. She is an expert in her field.

She has had many patients who have received the so-called vaccination and asked them all to take part in a free post-vaccination analysis.

To her horror, she found that: The picture above shows completely normal, intact and healthy cells before the vaccination.

The change in cells after vaccination showed itself drastically within a few days after vaccination!

The last picture shows the foreign, not endogenous nano-particles that suddenly become visible in the blood! The body can never detoxify itself from this, and these particles will eventually find their way into every cell in the body!

My friend cries over this analysis because she understands something about blood and how it works … The effects and long-term effects of this vaccine injection will affect the health of the vaccinated for the rest of their lives! 👉 @ technicus_news [05/14/2021]”

2 thoughts on “Live Blood Cell Analysis Post COVID Jab

  1. Is there any research underway to counteract the nanaotech/hydrogel? Like anti-bots that can be introduced to the body that then bio degrade and pass out of the body through excretions after combat with the nano’s?

    Is there like a magnetic filter that can be applied to the victims to deactivate the tech and therefore defeat it/ Heal the body?
    Is there a targeted frequency system that can be applied to obliterate and decompose the foreign bodies in the blood and therefore allow it pass out of the body?

    1. These are excellent questions, among many other vital ones.
      We simply do not know because the research has not been done.
      We do not even know what is being transmitted by the jabbed to everyone else although I have asked anyone with simple lab equipment (chromatograph, spectrophotometer), to contact me so we can do a simple protocol to characterize whatever it is and then be able to figure out counter measures from that.

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