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Here’s the situation. We’re being killed by those that are supposed to be humanity’s leaders and protectors. The details are unpleasant. Weapons include poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, harmful psychological programming, fear. The attack looks overwhelming and unstoppable. But that’s not true, if we stop fighting each other, and shake off the spell.

You have been deeply programmed. Most beliefs controlling your life are unconscious. You’re not small, weak, helpless, dependent, confused and powerless. Are you shocked to hear that the exact opposite is true?

At the top levels of power, our rulers are far more afraid than you are. They fear a being so strong, so incredible in every way, that could take them all down. Who could that be? Find a mirror, look in it.

No, it’s not fantasy. The healing power you carry within you is more than enough to heal all life on this planet.

To make sure you stay asleep, they attack your health, your mind, every aspect of your life. We talked about tools you can use to wake up. But now it’s time to go to the next level.

In January 2018, Lost Arts Radio will launch a new project. You are personally invited. Get details on the Saturday shows for December. We hope you decide to join us for the exciting next level work.

Richard Sacks, Host