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Islam and the Koran: Lesson 7 with Dr. Bill Warner

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/5/17

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Dr. Bill Warner

When I first realized that even though I had read the Koran once through, I knew next to nothing about Islam, because I hadn’t really been able to digest what I read, I knew I had a responsibility to learn more. I looked for Islamic scholars to be on the show. They didn’t have to be officially known, just Muslims who had deep knowledge of their faith and could explain it to those not knowledgeable about Islam. I talked to several Muslim friends very well versed and intelligent. None of them would come on as guests, because they were afraid. That struck me as strange, and I did not understand it until later. You will understand it after Sunday’s show.

Fortunately I heard Dr. Bill Warner (www.politicalislam.com) interviewed on Alex Jones’ show and realized immediately he had done something great. He had broken down not only the Koran but the other Muslim scriptures as well, and made them accessible to anyone wanting to know more on the subject. I happen to believe teaching about Islam in non-Islamic countries is a great idea. Not to promote conversion to Islam or any other religion, but to let people know from the original scriptures what Islam teaches. It has become a primary focus of current events, and too many of us know practically nothing about it.

So tonight, we have lesson #7 from Dr. Warner, in our series on Islam, and this one focuses on the scripture many think is the only holy book of Islam, the Koran. I hope you get a lot out of Dr. Warner’s presentation. If you want access to Dr. Warner’s excellent books on Islam and other learning tools, see them on his site, www.politicalislam.com. I hope you enjoy Sunday’s show.

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