Lost Arts Radio Show #110 – Special Guest Mark Sargent

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Are There Really Still Serious People Who Believe The Earth Is Flat? Meet Mark Sargent

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/5/17

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Mark Sargent

I have been aware for some time now that whatever I suggest as something good to listeners, I have to be willing to do myself, when it is appropriate to my own situation. As the host for this program, I get a lot of suggestions from listeners for possible guests. This time, it was a suggestion for a guest on a topic I really hadn’t thought much about. I had heard about people that believe the Earth is flat, but let’s just say I didn’t see that issue as a serious priority. I am comfortable with the idea of a globe-shaped Earth, planets and stars, like the conventional picture we have learned all our lives from astronomy. There are many issues threatening our individual lives, and the survival of all humanity right now, and whether the Earth really is round has not seemed like a serious question.

However, I have repeatedly said to listeners that the attitude of real science is to be skeptical and yet open-minded at the same time, willing to explore new ideas that we are inclined to just assume are not true. So then I get emailed by a listener, who says, please interview someone from the Flat Earth community. I had lots of reasons not to do it. But what about as an exercise in my own willingness to look at ideas outside my normal area of interest, and to judge it with an open mind? I looked through the YouTube videos of several Flat Earth spokespeople. Many struck me as unbalanced and aggressive, basically proposing the Flat Earth Theory as just another religion you have to believe on faith, not really deserving of our attention. But then I came across the work of Mark Sargent (www.marksargent.com) (www.enclosedworld.com), and saw he had put together some very interesting material. I think we can have some fun experimenting, seeing if we can give Mark an open-minded hearing, listening to the logical challenges he presents, trying to answer the questions he wants to pose.

So this is an unusual chance to get exposed to one of the most outside the box conspiracy theories out there, and see if we can give it a fair hearing. Nonsense, or serious questions to consider? See what you think. Next week we’ll be back dealing with a serious environmental health threat and what you need to know about it for your own well being and your family’s safety. So enjoy the brief break, and see what you think of Mark’s work on his (YouTube Playlist / Channel).

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