Lost Arts Radio Show #117 – Special Guests Sally Oh and Lysander Venible

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Sally Oh and Lysander Venible: Sam Girod Guilty of Selling Healing Herbs

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 4/9/17

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Sally OhFor several weeks I have wanted to get Sally Oh on the show, so we could get an inside view into what has really been going on with the trial of Sam Girod, the Amish Farmer who dared to make and sell herbal healing salves at his home in Kentucky. This Sunday we have a chance to hear the story from Sam’s neighbor and friend Sally Oh. Plus, we have the unexpected bonus of an appearance by Sally’s husband Lysander Venible. Sam Girod was targeted by the FDA and is now in prison awaiting sentencing, which could mean being condemned to spending the rest of his life in prison. Lysander has worked on legal cases with another US agency everyone knows, IRS, and has his own understanding of what is being done to Sam in this case.

Sam’s case has many important implications for our lives. The United States was supposed to be based on the idea that government’s existence was to protect individual freedom. We have now come so far away from that self-evident truth, that the act of making one’s living by helping others can be punished as a federal crime. What we can do to keep total tyranny from becoming our fate is a question of immediate importance to us all, both for ourselves and for future generations that depend on us for the kind of world they will inherit.

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