Lost Arts Radio Show #124 – Special Guest Sandra Solomon

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Sandra Solomon: Remember What We Could Be

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/14/17

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Sandra Solomon

At Lost Arts Radio, we are grateful for every chance we get to honor heroic people, and that is happening this Sunday. Last week we were fortunate to enjoy the return of Dr. Bill Warner, who is courageously spreading real knowledge of what Islam really is, according to its founder, prophet Mohammed. This led us into more in-depth discussions of programming in general, how we are controlled by, and sometimes become devoted to, programs that hurt us and others. Once this phenomenon is understood, the obvious question is, how can one break free of the programming we are living with, if we realize it is destructive. This can seem like an almost impossible task, considering not only our own fear of leaving what is our familiar source of security but also the intense peer pressure that exists in many situation. For example, as Dr. Warner has pointed out in Mohammed’s own words, if you are a Muslim and try to leave the religion, you need to be killed. Women (and sometimes men) within the religion can be killed for the sake of honor, for much less than actual apostasy (leaving Islam).

Does breaking free of a system that threatens you with death if you try it seem impossible? If we answer “yes,” we underestimate the power of the human spirit. Sandra Solomon (www.voiceofsandrasolomon.com) is one of the incredible women who has done it, and is here to educate and support others that want to be free. She says it is possible, and her words carry the weight of her real-life demonstration. Listen in to the show this Sunday and meet a real-life heroine, but don’t take it as a cue to put her or anyone else up on a pedestal. The point of course is that you are the hero or heroine, the real hope of humanity. Standing against opposition from others takes courage, but letting go of your own fear and becoming an example to empower others takes much more. Whether you are a Muslim, a member of some other religion, an atheist, or have some other belief of your own, you are the incredible person this show is about. Sandra is here to remind you and Lost Arts Radio will support her in that. Be with us for the show.

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