Chase’s Vaccine Injury- Facts The Biased Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Vaccine Spruiker and propagandist extraordinaire, Jane Hansen, a Newscorp ‘journalist’ has once again unleashed her ferocious claws. This time, her targets were the parents of a 4-year old boy named Chase who suffers from hypertonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Hansen’s mediocre reporting leads readers on a trail of manipulated lies and half-truths in a desperate attempt to shift the public’s perception away from the reality of vaccine injury.  Her article falsely claims that Chase’s parents were manipulated by a “conspiracy theorist” named Peter Little (former solicitor and current advocate for the victims of vaccine injury) and a deregistered doctor named Andrew Katelaris, into believing their son’s condition was caused by vaccination. However, some basic research will show Hansen’s deliberate deceit.

(Pictured) News- Corp Propaganda Expert, Jane Hansen. 

Jacinta Walker, known as Cini and Marc Stevens welcomed their son Chase into the world in August 2012. Life started off a little rocky for this much-loved boy with delivery room complications and meconium (the baby’s first faeces) being found in his lungs. His Apgar scores (a quick method used to summarise the health of a newborn child) however were 8 at 1 minute, 9 at 5 minutes and 10/10 at the 10 minute mark of life, indicating the best possible physical outcome. Shortly thereafter, he was administered the routine vitamin k injection allegedly without his parents’ consent and within two hours of that shot, he started experiencing seizures. Midwives initially dismissed Cini’s concerns but 10 hours later, Chase was rushed off to the special care nursery where his oxygen levels were observed at a low 82%, indicating he was lacking oxygen supply. Within a few hours he developed jaundice and was put in an incubator where he spent the next 4 days.

In order to find out what may have been causing Chase’s seizures, an MRI was performed on day 4 of life, which showed no signs of brain abnormalities. The following day, his medical records indicate he had a 30-second seizure. Despite this, just 1 ½ hours later, Chase was given the hepatitis B vaccine – a shot that is intended to stop infection with hepatitis B virus (which is typically acquired during unsafe sex and by intravenous drug users sharing needles).

His mother believes he may have mistakenly received two doses of this vaccine as there appears to be two records on the same date, on two different pages of his baby book, one of which is crossed off with the word “error” beside it. The word “error” and the date of the entry that had been crossed off, was in a different handwriting to the one that had been placed in the correct section of his baby book. While this does not prove Chase had been given two doses, it does leave some unanswered questions. It is also interesting to note that the Immunisation Register has no record of this vaccine ever being administered.



Chase received a follow-up MRI approximately 2 months later. According to the second scan, Chase’s myelin sheath had stopped growing, something that was not evident in the MRI he had had prior to the hepatitis B vaccine. The myelin sheath is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. When the myelin is damaged, nerve impulses slow down, and the nerve cell begins to wither. Courts in the United States and published research in France have ruled that the hepatitis B vaccine may have been causally related to cases of Multiple Sclerosis, another disease caused by destruction of the myelin sheath.

On the day Chase was administered his first hepatitis B vaccine, he weighed 3.45kg which would indicate according to the FDA, that he may have safety ingested 17.25mcg of aluminium.  However Chase, who was not of good health at the time, was injected with a vaccine containing 250mcg aluminium, 13 times the safe ingestible amount. According to research by Shaw and Tomljenovic  “In the case of aluminum, only *0.25% of dietary aluminum is absorbed, while aluminum hydroxide (the most common form of aluminum used in vaccines) when injected may be absorbed by the body at nearly 100 %.” Effectively, this means Chase would have received injectable aluminium at 400 times higher that what is deemed safe and potentially double if he was incorrectly administered with two doses.

It is also important to note that human brain development is controlled by immune-system signals (i.e. “cytokines”). Activation of the immune system during brain development may cause disruptions in these signals, resulting in brain injury. Aluminum triggers immune activation (specifically therleukin-6) and stimulates Th2 activation, a type of immune activation shown to impair brain development in animal studies.  Given the amount of aluminum (which is a well known neurotoxin) in the hepatitis B vaccine, it may be plausible to believe that this could have lead to the deterioration of Chase’s myelin sheath. This establishes a clear possibility of a causal link between Chase’s hepatitis b vaccination and further seizures – an implication that could indicate his medical team may not have shown due care.

Chase spent his first 4 months of life in the hospital, receiving 7 more vaccinations (containing approx. 955 mcg aluminum) in the process. Cini expressed concerns about reactions he had had but was dismissed so she went on to give him the same set of 7 vaccines at 15 months of age. This was followed by a further 5 vaccines at 20 months of age (containing approx. 725 mcg aluminum, aborted foetal which may lead to DNA mutation and polysorbate 80). “Clinical studies have shown [polysorbate 80] to increase the risk of serious side effects (eg, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, heart failure) and death in some cases. It has also been shown to shorten overall survival and/or increase the risk of tumor growth or recurrence in patients with certain types of cancer.” Polysorbate 80 can also cause hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxis and when used as a vaccine emulsifier, numerous studies confirm that polysorbate 80 can increase cell permeability, damage and bursting. An article by pediatrician Dr Lawrence Palevsky also suggests that, polysorbate 80 in vaccines may allow other vaccine ingredients (formaldehyde, msg, lactose, yeast, antibiotics, aborted human foteal tissue, bovine serum and more) to enter the brain. He warns, “Polysorbate-80 is used in pharmacology to assist in the delivery of certain drugs or chemotherapeutic agents across the blood-brain-barrier.” It is particularly risky in infants. 

According to a source that interviewed Cini, Chase was hospitalised with seizures after each lot of vaccines. This is noted in his medical records. His health also deteriorated with each lot of vaccines yet doctors continued to advocate that Chase must be immunised. Ironically while claiming Chase suffered seizures with previous vaccines, his medical records note that he is “NOT IMMUNISED”. It is assumed that “NOT IMMUNISED” indicates that he was not up to date with all scheduled vaccines.


A mere 2 months after his last lot of vaccines, Chase was diagnosed with a chest infection and re-admitted to hospital where he spent a week trying to recover in the High Dependency Unit. According to Cini, at this time, doctors told her and Marc that they “…should go home and plan a funeral”. Chase thankfully pulled through but it was here that Cini first started to mistrust the advice of her doctors and together, Marc and Cini decided Chase would have no more vaccines.

Up until this point, Chase had also been receiving all the medical attention deemed appropriate by medical experts. This included seizure medications and a formula fed to Chase via his peg (a button surgically inserted directly into his gut by which he was fed). According to Hansen, Cini and Marc opted for a “natural diet” going against the advice of the doctors who had prescribed a “total nutrition formula” named Nutrini, which boasts the following ingredients:


In her shameful article, Hansen appears to conclude, that a diet of organic pureed foods was more dangerous than the prescribed toxic formula. While on this formula, Chase’s weight skyrocketed to 25kg putting him on the morbidly obese end of the cerebral palsy chart for boys of his age. His parents jokingly called him the Michelin man because he constantly appeared swollen. They also noted that his seizures were exacerbated with consumption of this toxic formula. Given that Chase is also allergic to milk based products, it does not take a bright spark to see that this chemical cocktail with a one-year shelf life, might not be in Chase’s best interests.

At the time, Chase was still on his seizure medication though he was still suffering with up to 100 seizures per day. At this point, Cini and Marc opted to try medicinal cannabis oil after hearing the success other parents had experienced. Within a matter of days, his seizures decreased. Despite the fact that they weaned him off of his pharmaceuticals, Chase’s seizures completely disappeared and to date, he has been seizure-free for 170 days. He also started smiling, laughing, attempting to talk, holding his head up, following his mother’s gaze and trying to grasp objects, something his parents observed he had not done since his last lot of vaccines at 20 months of age.

While any sane person might think the hospital would be thrilled at the remarkable improvements in Chase’s health, Cini and Marc instead entered into a bitter custody battle with the Lady Cliento Hospital and the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. The hospital staff were claiming that Chase was at risk of cardiac arrest because he had lost some weight and was not receiving his prescribed cocktail of toxins via his peg. In order to claim that Chase was underweight, the hospital compared Chase’s weight to that of a regular 4-year old boy. Given Chase was wheelchair bound and peg fed, it would be illogical to believe his weight should be the same as a typically developing boy of his age. When Peter, the child’s advocate and a former lawyer, presented a chart for 4-year old cerebral palsy boys showing that in fact Chase was sitting at about the average weight for his condition, the hospital completely dismissed him. It was the hospitals intent that Chase would return to being fed Nutrini, placed back onto his pharmaceutical medication that caused him to be in a constant catatonic state, vaccinated up to date and no longer receive his life saving medical cannabis oil. As anyone could imagine, Cini and Marc did not accept this and so ensued 9 medical kidnapping attempts and 2 court hearings, both of which ruled in favour of the parents.

Pharmaceuticals & Nutrini compared to organic diet and medicinal cannabis oil

In the first court ruling on 17/2/17, the judge conceded that it was appropriate for the parents to choose natural medicine over allopathic treatment for Chase given his remarkable improvements. The second ruling however went further. According to a live Facebook video of Peter Little, Judge Pam Dowse on 14/3/17 stated: “I don’t blame the mother at all or the parents for wanting to look for ways to make things a bit better outside of the traditional medical system… I am not medically trained in any way, shape or form but it does appear that Chase is receiving the love and attention that parents can give and that has been conceded by the department… I think the department has followed their obligations over and above what they would be expected to do…I think in all of the circumstances, the parents are doing enough to provide for him”. It is alleged Judge Dowse also tried unsuccessfully to block the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services from attempting to take custody on the same grounds again.

Despite this ruling, just one week later, Lady Cliento Hospital together with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services made another attempt at taking custody of Chase. It also appears they concocted a plan with a leading gastroenterologist named Dr. Francis Connor whom Cini and Marc had unsuccessfully attempted to get an appointment with for well over 2 months. They were repeatedly denied an appointment yet out of the blue, Dr. Connor’s office contacted Cini to tell her there had been a cancellation and they could see Chase in a few days. In good faith, Cini, Marc and Peter attended this appointment with Chase, only to find out from Dr. Connor that it in fact was a plan to admit Chase into the hospital so they could medically intervene in his care. When Cini realised Dr. Connor would not do the required job of checking Chase’s peg, for which they had some concern, she promptly wheeled her son out of the hospital. She was not stopped by any security, nor was Marc or Peter and they were never told or given a copy of a Care and Treatment Order that the hospital allegedly issued which gave them custody of Chase and the right to treat him however they saw fit.

What followed next was a series of bizarre events in which the Queensland Police issued an Amber alert, stating that a man and women “known” to Chase had left the hospital with him. Amber alerts are used as a child abduction alert system. Road signs are placed in the surrounding areas where the child was last seen and the media play their part to vocalise this news in an attempt to quickly and safely find a child who has been abducted. In this case however, his parents had merely taken Chase, from a hospital appointment which they had made.

When their faces were splashed all over the media, Cini and Marc fled the state.
Cini, was found several hours later by police while she was out in Newcastle with her 6yo daughter Navaeh. Approximately 30 police officers surrounded them insisting Cini accompany them to the police station where she was interrogated. Cini finally contacted Marc who had Chase by his side and they made their way to the John Hunter hospital for observation.

It is here where common sense finally prevailed. The treating emergency room physician stated that Chase was not in any imminent danger and did not need to remain in the hospital, despite an alleged 90-minute phone consult with the Lady Cilento Hospital who tried unsuccessfully to pressure this doctor into admitting Chase into the hospital. He was finally released back into the loving care of his parents with the acknowledgment that he would return for observation two days later. At this second observation, Chase was once again observed and found to be in no danger despite the Lady Cilento’s insistence that he would suffer cardiac arrest if not re-fed with Nutrini.

Lady Cilento Hospital’s treatment of this family has been nothing short of appalling and their sheer arrogance is evident as they blatantly continue to ignore the law. According to the sections 197 and 200 of the Public Health Act 2005, for an appointed designated medical officer to medically intervene in the treatment of an individual, they must complete a Care and Treatment Order, which lasts for 48 hours. The Care and Treatment Order must stipulate the reasons why they feel they should override the parent’s wishes in the treatment of their child, and the parents must be told that it is an offense to remove the child from the health service. If asked, the parent’s must also be provided with a copy of the order and the designated medical officer must advise the parent that they may also choose to have the child examined by another doctor. Lady Cilento alleged to the media that a Care and Treatment order was made and provided to Chase’s parents before they left the appointment at Dr. Connor’s office. However, to date, and it has been more than two weeks since these events, neither Cini, Marc nor Peter have been given a copy of the original order despite repeated requests. Not only did Lady Cilento not advise the parents of this order, they also allegedly failed to provide the name of the designated medical officer, and they failed to advise the parents they could seek a second opinion. Section 207 (2) also expressly states that “A further care and treatment order may not be made for the child in relation to harm, or a risk of harm, arising from the same event or circumstances that gave rise to any [previous] care and treatment orders”.  Despite this, each Care and Treatment order was made on the same grounds, alleging that Chase was at risk of cardiac arrest because he had lost some weight and needed to be fed the toxic hospital formula.

Given all of this information, it is hard to understand how Hansen could falsely allude that Cini and Marc were manipulated by Peter Little or Dr. Andrew Katelaris into believing their son had been vaccine injured. Had Hansen made a half decent attempt at researching the facts, she would have noted that Peter met Chase and his family at the screening of Vaxxed – from cover-up to catastrophe, which depicts the story of a CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, and documents his involvement in an MMR/Autism cover up. This screening took place on Dec 7, 2016 and a quick check on Cini and Peter’s public Facebook pages will show there appears to be no record of the two of them interacting prior to this date.

At the screening of Vaxxed, Peter interviewed Cini and Marc. In this video, Cini says her youngest daughter, Summer, suffered vaccine reactions at 4mo of age. “After we gave her her vaccines, she started scratching herself to the point where she was bleeding and wouldn’t stop. She was pulling her hair, she was screaming. I couldn’t settle her”. Cini stated that it was at this point she stopped vaccinating her daughter. This decision would have been made around April 2016, which is also when Chase reacted to his last set of vaccines. This means that Cini and Marc had suspected vaccine injury involvement at least 8 months prior to attending the screening of Vaxxed well before Cini had even heard of Peter.

Cini’s personal Facebook account, also show her posting articles questioning vaccine safety and efficacy since July 2016. Attempting to conclude that Cini was manipulated into believing her son’s injury was vaccine-related is merely a pathetic excuse by Hansen to try to protect the vaccine propaganda for which she is well known. A quick check of Hansen’s writing portfolio will show her clear bias.

In her article, Hansen also states that Cini “now claims…[Vitamin K] was the cause of her son’s epilepsy”. Hansen also points out that the Vitamin K is not a vaccine (as claimed by Cini). Whilst true, the headline of Hansen’s own article published on the 1st April 2017 in the Daily Telegraph, refers to Vitamin K as a vaccine. Hansen blames this on her “idiot” editor, and claims the “only purpose that served was to make us look like idiots”, however her article calls for “…the Federal Government to add vitamin k injection to the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and tie it to Commonwealth family payments.” It is unclear why Hansen believes the Vitamin K shot, which she concedes is not a vaccine, should therefore be added to the NIP. With irresponsible and often confusing journalism such as this, it is no surprise that the public at large may be confused as to whether the vitamin k shot is a vaccine.


Hansen’s article also quotes Dr. Michael Gannon saying “there is not even a sniff of evidence Vitamin K can cause seizures”. Whilst the scientific evidence might not be strong, there has been a case of anaphylaxis reported. An anaphylactic type reaction could therefore plausibly have triggered the brain injury that caused the onset of Chase’s seizures. The U.S. version of Vitamin K administered to newborn babies, which contains similar ingredients to the brand used in Australia, also comes with a black box warning. This represents the strongest warning that the FDA requires, and signifies that medical studies indicate that the drug carries a significant risk of serious or even life-threatening adverse effects.

While it is true that Cini initially thought her son’s condition was caused by his stressful birth, given the negligence by the hospital in not addressing his breathing issues coupled with the Vitamin K shot, it is clear that her reflections on his medical history led her to believe other factors may have been at play. These include

  • The possible administration of two hepatitis B vaccines
  • Chase’s admission into hospital after each set of vaccines
  • The results of the pre hepatitis B vaccine MRI and the comparison to the post hepatitis B vaccine MRI showing a deterioration
  • His younger sister’s reactions to her needles

It is understandable and plausible that Cini and Marc might feel vaccinations played a part in the demise of their son’s health.

Whether vaccines caused his condition or merely exacerbated it is irrelevant. His parents and some of his doctors still feel Chase was damaged by vaccines and no set of manipulated facts by biased media hacks will change that. Vaccine injury denialist, Hansen, may want you to believe vaccine reactions are non-existent, but it only takes a few moments of research to find out there have been ample reactions reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which would likely represent just 1% of vaccine reactions in Australia.

There is no doubt that the power of the people is more powerful than the people in power and it is time Australian citizens stepped up to fight against this never-ending medical tyranny. It is time Australian citizens stood up against the blatant propaganda spread by the likes of Hansen who are acting like puppets for the Murdoch media, which has strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Unfortunately for Cini and Marc, their fight is not over. The department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has made it clear they will continue to go after Chase until they have custody and while the Care and Treatment order under the Public Health Act has failed, they are now allegedly seeking to take custody of Chase by petitioning the court for a Child Protection Order under the Child Protection Act. If you’d like to support the Walker-Stevens family in their fight against this blatant corruption or to help with their medical needs, please consider a donation directly into Chase’s account:

BSB: 084 134 Account: 393950209

Whilst all care has been taken to report accurately on these events, ANR has relied upon the publicly available information published by Chase’s mother, Cini Walker and Peter Little, former solicitor and the child’s advocate as neither were available for an interview. The views expressed in this article should not be taken as medical advice.


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