Lost Arts Radio Show #132 – Special Guest Dara Berger

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Meet Dara Berger, Author of “How To Prevent Autism”

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 7/9/17

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Dara Berger

Dara Berger (www.daraberger.com) wrote a great book called How To Prevent Autism. But it’s about a lot more than just autism. It has information that can help you protect or regain your health and understand the wave of diseases that are exploding out of control in America and much of the world. You can use the knowledge in this book to help you stay well in spite of what is going on around us.

On Lost Arts Radio, we have been privileged to enjoy visits from great speakers on the subject of vaccines, several from the movie VAXXED, some from the medical profession, parents of vaccine-injured children and others. They have educated our listeners on the dangers of vaccines and the fact that their real benefits may in fact be non-existent. It is important that listeners understand the threat posed to themselves and their families from vaccines, but even more important to know what positive actions can be taken to avoid or reverse vaccine injury.The Book - How To Prevent Autism

The best known vaccine injury, which the government and its partner corporations, along with the medical industry, are trying their best to hide, is of course autism. Along with the myth that vaccines do not cause autism, we are constantly told there is also no cure. Many great health practitioners and dedicated parents of autistic children have proven that is false. But I had the good fortune recently to find out about one of those parents, Dara Berger, who did the research and took the time to assemble the experience and viewpoints of a number of top experts in the field, on what can be done to prevent, and sometimes cure, autism after vaccine injury and the damage done by thousands of man-made poisons in our environment that normal common sense says should never have been manufactured.

If we had an honest government, doing its job to protect our freedoms and prevent the poisoning of our world by government and its partner global corporations, almost none of these poisons would exist in our environment today. But we don’t have an honest government anymore, it is promoting more poisoning of the world as fast as it can. It is controlled by networks of corporations, who work for their own agendas, not for the people it is sworn to serve. Therefore, until this situation can be turned around for the better, it is imperative for all of us that care about our own well-being and that of our families, to learn the best ways to take care of our health in a poisoned world. The effort it takes is more than worthwhile, for the quality of life that can result, and the suffering we will not have to bear. This is not a time to be sloppy with our own real education. Tonight’s lesson from a Mom who has become a teacher from her own life experience and study, with a message and details you will not want to miss.

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