Lost Arts Radio Show #135 – Special Guest Kathleen Marquardt

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The United Nations Agenda 21 – American Policy Center’s Kathleen Marquardt

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 7/30/17

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Kathleen Marquardt

I want to tell you why I’m so happy that we have American Policy Center’s Vice President Kathleen Marquardt (www.rockytopfreedom.com) on our show this Sunday. On Lost Arts Radio, we’ve been talking about Agenda 21 for years, because it is at the heart of massive change that is happening across the United States and the world. Tom DeWeese, president and founder of the American Policy Center (www.americanpolicy.org), has been our guest multiple times to discuss the subject, particularly as it relates to the loss of private property rights and gradual imposition of total surveillance and total tyranny. Watching the continuing push in communities across the country for imposition of all the basic principles of communism in America, I made a connection.

I was at a city council meeting locally where I live, listening to the council members telling the residents that they have no choice but to go along with the rollout of microwave transmitters all over town (and everywhere else) under the 5G program. They were telling the people that the state and federal governments have made laws saying it is illegal to stop the installation or operation of the new transmitters on the basis of health or environmental concerns. Aside from the fact that this is untrue, the laws passed leave plenty of room for stopping the new infrastructure on safety and other issues, the important thing seemed to be the mentality of the council members. They were all of the belief that if the government makes a law requiring any form of suicide or murder, well of course you just have to obey it. The spirit that was supposed to be the foundation of America, and the birthright of people in every part of the world who have the God-given right to be free as long as they respect that right for others, that spirit was apparently gone. Agenda 21 is a program to make sure that spirit is entirely stamped out. The integrity and common sense of the people is to be broken, total government control in all its forms is to become the new religion, and people are to accept anything the rulers decree, whether it be deadly open air microwave radiation right outside your window, or the loss of your private property rights.

Kathleen Marquardt has written extensively on the basics and implications of Agenda 21, including a very instructive eight-part series (http://www.newswithviews.com/Marquardt/kathleen103.htm). So I thought maybe she would be willing to come visit us on Lost Arts Radio, and tell us the story of how Agenda 21 got started, what it is and what it intends for us and all the people of the world. I wanted this to be one of our lessons in understanding what is going on around us. My wish was apparently granted, and Kathleen will be on the show with us this Sunday for an unscripted discussion of Agenda 21 that I think you will want to hear. These shows are a chance for us all to fill in the gaps in our education, and understand current events on a deeper level, with great teachers like Kathleen. I hope you’ll enjoy her presentation with me.

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